Doing Nothing

by Carol

I am just happy doing nothing.

For so long I've been so busy, raising kids, working full time, looking after a house, commuting to work, etc, etc.

Had a big list of things I would start once I retired. Haven't started any of them yet.

Just enjoying doing nothing.

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Good for You
by: Elisa/Chandler, AZ

I feel the same way. I'm 2 1/2 years into retirement and initially I was a flurry of activity, training to be a Volunteer, applying for jobs, interviewing, cleaning up a storm, etc. Now, I have settled down.

I go to Yoga twice a week, keep the house running and make sure my husband (who is still working) has a home cooked meal each night.

I have found that I truly enjoy my alone time and sometimes - DOING NOTHING AT ALL! There are some afternoons that I actually say to myself (out loud)… I LOVE my life.

I am lucky enough to have support (both financially and emotionally) from my younger husband, and I realize that is pivotal to my loving life. Do what you want.

From this site, I find that many newly retired folks are less satisfied, but the more time you give it, the more you will love it!


Good for you
by: Jan/Idaho

You go girl. Do your retirement the way you want. I too love doing absolutely nothing. Oh, some days I putter in the garden or meet a friend for lunch, but for the most part I love sitting on the patio watching my bird feeders or getting comfortable with a good book.

In the beginning I felt guilty not doing something every day but I got over it, lol.

Doing Nothing
by: Joe W.

The average Retirement-Online Community member abhors doing nothing. In fact most of these members are sailing into dangerous waters with the threat of anxiety and depression facing them.

Seniors today are blessed with many opportunities to help themselves and others.

Besides nothing from nothing leaves nothing. You've got to do something if you want to stay happy and possibly with the right attitude have an opportunity to make a difference in this society.

Joe W.

The value of doing nothing!
by: Anonymous

Thank you and I couldn’t agree more! I am loving doing nothing!! When that changes I’ll fix it but for now it’s awesome!!

You deserve to have it your way
by: Larry Steward / SC

You paid your dues and now it's finally your turn to decide what to do, or in your case, what not to do. So many of us get as involved in retirement as we were in our previous careers.

I like to keep busy but I must admit I'm envious and often wish I could be so carefree.

Soak it up and have fun!

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