Doing something important with the time and talent I have left.

by Michael Hertel
(Watertown, WI, USA)

I am a strange person. While in a class at University of Wisconsin Madison, I learned about hydralic facturing which was then just starting to be used in the oil industry.

At that time (not sure 1978?) I suggested that sand (rounded sand) should be pumped into the cracks created to keep them open. Now of course we are using that to produce natural gas from formations where otherwise it would be impossible.

Now I want to do something new and build solar updraft slopes.


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reply Joe W.
by: Anonymous

I am still looking for any kind of help to get one of these built and am considering a 501c corporation so that people could help fund one with some of their tax money.

reply to Joe
by: Anonymous

I am looking for anyone interested is seeing one of these up slope updraft solar powered joined city-farm mega structures built some where on earth.

These sort of structures will I am sure be essential for the long term survival of human humanity.

If at all possible they will reuse and recycle every thing growing our being used in the city while running on solar power alone.

Michael Hertel.

reply to what sort of help I am looking for
by: Michael Hertel

I will need help in all areas, I do not have funds, I am still working so I also do not have a lot of time.

I have contacted some people in some governments but I need to have a design and funding in order to be taken seriously.

Recently, because of the threats to humanity both from people in it and natural events I expect that if I can get one such city funded I would want it to be self sufficient for several years when completed.

Mentor Help Wanted
by: Joe W.

Michael, I live in Canada. But as I understand it in the USA (State of Wisconsin) you can get some help there from SCORE and the SBA (Small Business Administration). I also think there will be some people there that could help you research the feasibility and get some possible funding sources for your new business idea.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

More details
by: Michael Hertel

I want to find people interested in moving us to solar updraft slopes to produce a large portion of the electrical power needed by the world.

I understand what should go into such a device but I do not have the funds to get one built.

I am sure it should use a mixture of solar devices, living spaces and farming under the greenhouse that provides the warmed air to make it work.

by: Michael Hertel

Both since I do not have the financial ability now to do this without help. I am sure that an upslope power tower will be much better than using a regular very tall tower.

First a tower is very expensive and no heat is added to the air while it is inside the tower. In the plan I have seen power towers do not use the fact that water vapor is much lighter than air and so will make the updraft stronger.

by: Anonymous

Michael, What is it exactly that you are proposing? Are you looking for a business partner or for someone to help you design and build your new idea?

Please advise.

Joe W.

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