Don't Let Your Doctors Waste Medicare Dollars

by Linda

When it comes to the subject of Medicare, we have all heard or read about waste in the Medicare system. I think I have now experienced this subject on a personal level. I will now do my part to not waste money through Medicare. I think it is the responsibility of everyone on Medicare to do their part in preventing waste of money in the Medicare system. I am doing it, not just for myself, but for my daughter for her future medical needs.

Until I reached my early fifties, I never really had a need to see a doctor on a regular basis so I really didn't pay much attention to healthcare issues.

I recently changed my primary care doctor because I was unhappy with the way she practiced medicine. My new primary care doctor has shuffled me off to specialists even though I have no serious health concerns.

When I went on an appointment to one of these specialists, he asked me why I was there and when I told him I wasn't sure myself, he said he was surprised that my primary care doctor didn't handle my hypothyroidism herself because most primary care doctors are capable of treating this disorder.

Another specialist I was referred to also expressed his surprise that I was referred to him because he found nothing to be concerned about from my blood work. Even though he found nothing to treat me for, he still scheduled me for another appointment in three weeks. I canceled the appointment.

Still another specialist I went to took ten minutes with me, found nothing wrong but said I needed to go back to see him in three weeks. I also canceled that appointment.

The point I am trying to make is that we should all remember that we should use our common sense and intuition when it concerns our health. I, personally, don't believe in giving up all my power to my doctor if I think he or she is being wasteful or incompetent. It is ultimately my body and my say when it comes to my healthcare.

If for no other reason, be vigilant about wasteful doctors because they will contribute to the cost of higher Medicare premiums.

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Pay Attention!
by: Ike from South Dakota

Thank you for addressing this matter... I too (I am 67) have figured out the medicare madness!! It is a racket to say the least.

Please please everyone.. don't hesitate to go to the doctor .. if you feel you need to go... however.. please be aware that once they get you on the treadmill of medicare abuse they will push you to see more doctors and have more needless tests.

Just pay attention.

Too many appointments
by: Winifred/Michigan

I agree with Linda and will pay more attention to the quarterly appointments I have with my rheumatologist, opthamologist and private physician. These appointments are usually confirmed online with a 15 minute scheduled time but I can sometimes wait up to an hour to see the doctor.

When I was in physical therapy for my back problems, the therapist would ask as you walk in, "How do you feel?". After a couple of times saying, "I feel great!", he discharged me saying that we could save Medicare and my secondary insurance some money.

I have received thick envelopes of EOBs from Medicaid and Tricare and when I review them I'm shocked at the doctors' fees for routine follow up appointments.

At my next appointment I will start by asking the doctors to schedule me either every 6 months instead of quarterly and I will question the specialist referrals and tests that are too often requested.

by: Anonymous

I so agree with this observation. So many older people I know use the medical community for unnecessary appointments. I think it fills their social calander without any thought to how it REALLY does cost our government & robs many of affordable healthcare. Our responsible generation should be more accountable.

Overtreating older patients
by: Janet

Thank you for posting. There is a tendency for some doctors who treat older patients to overtreat just because you're older. Ageism is alive and well in this country and doctor's (even with some good intentions) can practice it without even knowing it.

Don't waste Medicare dollars
by: Donna

I agree with you Linda. We all have an obligation to question and not misuse our healthcare system. I am a retired RN and have seen a lot of abuse of the system over the years. I wrote to Senators and called newspapers just to let them know what I was seeing. People crammed in ER department for miniscule or minor ailments. When the healthcare system is misused it affects us all eventually. Don't be part of the abuse

Thanks Linda!
by: Wendy

Good one!

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