Don't retire

Hi my name is shirley, I'm 65, and retired 2yrs ago, only retired due to ill health and after my op couldn't face going back to work, so retired but I'm sorry now.

My husband is still working, he works 12 hr shifts and I'm so lonely.

I applied to be a volunteer at my local hospital and after filling forms in and going for a medical, getting a crb I'm still waiting that was 6months ago. So now I'm going off the idea.

I just sit here day in day out, cannot be bothered to do anything, so if I had the chance I wouldn't of retired.

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Different reasons
by: Tracy

Shirley, I do feel bad that you are feeling out of step. I don't discount that.

I have a chance to retire next year with 37 years of government service in. I will be 55.

My last two jobs I would've worked years without retiring but both resulted in reorganizations that left me working under a micromanager.

We work so hard here in the US that our jobs become our personalities and identities. Starting new jobs this late in life was very hard to do.

Although I got a nice pay raise, I literally mourned the loss of my last job as I loved counseling the elderly about their insurance choices.

My plan will be to retire from the job duties I am not excited about and find a part time job that will somehow include what I know excites me.

Find that thing that makes you happy and do it, even if it means working again.

Good luck to you!

by: Sunny

I have been retired several years, gets pretty dull sitting home all day. I joined my local senior action center. I take line dance lessons, keeps the mind and body active. I hope you are able to find something you enjoy. :)

Don't Retire
by: scott roberts

I ao agree with you. I retired by choice. My energy and health are good and I chose to retire at 62. I moved to the Villages, Florida but I so miss work, feeling purposeful, having extra money and being engaged with life. I take classes, play sports and am trying to adjust but I think I made a HUGE MISTAKE doing what I did. I grieve everyday for this error. scott roberts

Loving Retirement!!!
by: Imacarbuff

I retired 2 months ago and I am loving it! My wife is younger than me and she is still working-but I always have plenty to do. If I had any complaint, it would be that the time goes by so quickly now I feel like I'll be 70 by Christmas and I retired at 62!

I have so many hobbies and things I enjoy doing and places to go. I help with my in-laws and their doctor visits as they no longer drive.

But, before I retired at 62 some of my friends who were trying to decide if they should retire early or not I always had this advice. If you are a person that says "if I retire I don't know what I would do everyday-KEEP WORKING-retirement is not for you!

I also wish I had worked longer
by: Christine

I retired at 68 and wish I had stayed working longer. I honestly believe most people should stay working until they are 70 if possible. I now spend my time doing errands for my family and trying to find something to occupy my time.

think outside the box
by: Anonymous

Shirley I am sorry you are lonely...but..if you were sick, you couldn't have stayed with your job. So don't look at it as 'I wish I hadn't retired'. You had to, and you did..So go on with that, and move forward.

CALL the hospital and see what happened to your application! I volunteer at our hospital, and though I am young and healthy, they seem to take all type of volunteers. I see older people who must be in their 90's...and can barely walk. I see disabled people of all types and ages. The Volunteer office would LOVE to have you. That is their function: to find a job rewarding to the volunteer, and to make it rewarding to the hospital.

Also, you may not be 'into church', but, getting more involved with my church has really been a fantastic benefit to me. I also joined a woman's group ALL age, with activities and meetings of all types. I also joined some hiking groups, dog groups, etc. THERE ARE THINGS for you to do! Plus, I am single, you do have the luxury of seeing Hubby each night for dinner.

Get out there. Move forward. What's done is done, make it GOOD.

by: plp

It's easy to fall into being lonely. It takes effort to get involved and sometimes we just do not have it. must.
I volunteered for a hot line - wrong. So after 6 months I knew it was wrong. Hard to pull back after the training, etc. but it was not for me.

I volunteer at the homeless shelter - OK. I have not found what I really have a passion for but I plan to keep looking.
The death of Robin Williams really irked me...I mean he had everything. So many people suffer - so many people! With REAL problems, financial and health. And now they make him some sort of saint.

OK...that's it for my two cents.

Don't retire
by: Lizat100

I have been retired for nine years now and was somewhat reluctant to retire at age 67. I do know that post-retirement can be a lonely and somewhat frightening time trying to get a new path for your life.

Like everything worthwhile, it does take work to decide what you want to do and what you'd like to do but if you work at it you can find fulfillment and happiness in retirement.

First, if you're able, think one very important thing is to get daily exercise and try to stay as fit as you can and decide what things you really enjoy and go for it.

Don't retire
by: Sally

I drove a school bus for 25 years, and when I turned 70, the school board forced me to retire. That was 3 years ago, and I still miss it.

For the first year I couldn't be on the road when I knew school buses were. Since retiring my income has been drastically reduced, the fibromyalgia I have had for years has gotten worse and I have had bouts of depression. I volunteer and belong to a religious group, but with all of that , I still mourn for my job.

I didn't plan for retirement, which I should have. Maybe I thought that if I ignored it, it wouldn't happen.

retired @62
by: Chuck

I disagree. Am 68 1/2 now.
If you plan and IF you are ready for the next step, then take it. IF not, then continue working. It's a very personal action.
If I'd have known retirement was this good, I'd have done it out of high school.

Say yes to everything
by: Anonymous

Can you join a walking group? go to Be friendly. Say Yes to any and everything anyone asks you to do for fun.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Dear Shirley-

I do not think it is retirement in your case! The fact is you are getting older & time is moving on ! And you have not accepted this fact YET & better sooner than later!

Your husband works long hours-so- when he is not home, you, get out of bed, make the bed. down for breakfast (coffee ) & you sit and THINK THINK & THINK some more - why - nothing comes from THINKING.


Stop feeling sorry for yourself & start doing for yourself- l mean go to the gym - swimming - read over a cup of decaf tea.

RELAX RELAX RELAX ~~ decide - do not think -decide what to prepare for you & your husband - your favorite meal- one that you know he will enjoy also - maybe some wine - delicious dessert!

Go for a short walk around the block or whatever, hold hands, snuggle if you are a snuggler.

This is what life can be like if u stop THINKING & start DOING...

Focus on you & your husband... And all that Life has to Offer in the coming months & years.

Be happy, Life is too short not to be happy.

by: Terry

I agree! I like retirement in that I don't miss alarm clock, but got cancer shortly after, cancer free 6 months later and I'm restless and sometimes lonely!

by: Anonymous

I found by joining small Bible study groups at my church that I was meeting a lot of new people. Now I have a few more people connections. With new people connections comes new opportunities to do things I might not have known about.

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