Don't Take Life for Granted

by Wendy

Just watched a program on M-TV about a deaf teen who got a cochlear implant.. Interesting!

Most interesting was at the end -- this teen walked around outdoors, was surprised to hear the wind blow, kicked leaves hearing them rustle, knocked on wood, knocked on a metal pipe, different sounds! Touched a metal pipe windchime. Wow.

Went to school, first day hearing, and heard the loudspeaker announcement, locker doors slamming, kids talking, the teacher speaking,... he heard it all.

Something none of us even think about daily... all the sights and sounds that we daily enjoy in our subconscious.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose,
written by Eckert Tolle (and featured on a huge worldwide webcast by Oprah) taught me to look for all the small niceties in life. To listen to nothing, no tv, no music and hear the ticking of the clock, cars outdoors, the dogs breathing...

Just a quick post that had to be said, after I watched this program.

Dear Retiree: Take time daily to smell the roses! Just sit there for 10 minutes during the day, "me" time, let your mind wander and just sit.... consider the small things in life that we take for granted daily - even your own family!

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Don't Take Life for Granted
by: Anonymous

I really agree with this, I'd like to see this as a regular post. Consider sharing a blog, collaboration on the topic??

I enjoy showers. I grew up without running water, and went months with sink or tub baths. My hair is still wet from this morning's shower, and I feel the coolness in the dry winter air.

Wendy: I really can't do any more than I do already (three websites) but I will help you start your own blog if you need help! Go for it.. write about the every day little things in life that make you happy!

p.s. and tell me after you have a few pages up so I can add you to the Retiree Blogs page. I get lots of visitors and they enjoy finding new blogs!

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