Donut Hole Queen

by Sharol Liepe

Everyone morning I thank God for my sleep and another day. My mornings like yesterdays start up session responses has become routine. I'm looking forward to making some adjustments ha, ha!

Let's see I wake up, make my coffee, read my daily inspirational and pray ~ that will stay the same. Then while I wait for the sun to wake up so I can exercise and walk, as I'm usually up between 4:30 and 5, I sit and read or write or watch the morning show all the while drinking coffee and eating donut holes.

In the winter with the sunrise in Michigan being almost 9 o'clock that was a whole lot of coffee and donuts ha, ha. I call myself a 'chair potato' but despite my bad habits I've lost 40 pounds and still losing and although I exercise everyday I have all this sagging skin and the doctor says it from weight loss. Now that it's spring I'll only have about 3 hours to indulge in my bad habits before I start my day ha, ha.

So I think changing my morning might help but doing household chores in the morning would mean nothing to do in the afternoon. Oh yeah an any suggestions for 3:00 o'clock napping habit? (ha, ha)

I could whine and complain about all the stuff that's been happening (it's a lot) and how retirement is not all that hoped it would be but reading about others makes me grateful for what I have. Sure I wish I could just take off on vacation, just do my thing, live my life, but right now I have responsibilities and people who depend on me and you know what that's okay.

Every once in a while I have what I call my 'Pity Party' where I allow myself 10 minutes (I set the oven timer) to cry, complain, rant, or feel sorry for myself but when the buzzer goes off I turn on my music and sing and dance crazy with my dog Abbey barking away until I collapse in the chair laughing.

I am willing to try new things and so ready to break all my bad habits so keep the suggestions coming and hopefully the next time I post I'll be able to say "One bad habit broken I haven't had a donut hole in a days."


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Ha Ha!
by: Joe W.

It looks like you might have physical, psychological or emotional problems.

You can reduce some stress by having a power nap in the afternoon. Trying lying down on your back where your body tends to spread your weight out evenly. Too much stress is a serious health problem for anybody.

I would start with a complete physical exam to find any possible causes for your current behavior. Losing too much weight too fast is not good either. How are you going to feel if your weight starts coming back on your body?

After you achieve better health & wellness than I would look for some opportunities or options that make you happy. If your going to startup a small business later make absolutely sure that you don't open up a coffee & donut shop. That's one business idea that you could probably do without.

Good Luck! Nobody said that retirement life will be easy. You have to work hard at what you really want in your life.

Mornings with Sharol
by: Anonymous

Get up later!!

Donut Hole Queen
by: Anonymous

You lost 40 lbs. and you're still eating donut holes? Please, give me the secret to that happening! I've been on Atkins for almost a year and I've lost 20 lbs. I know what you mean about the skin sagging - maybe I should start exercising? LOL.

You sound like you have a lot on your plate. Hope life evens out for you and you can enjoy your days the way you want to.

Donut Hole Goals
by: Wendy,

Quite a BIG goal there... GRIN! Go Sharon!!

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