Dr. Gundry's Diet Revolution book

by Dean Gray, TN

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A couple of weeks ago my wife bought a book by Dr. Gundry called Dr. Gundry's Diet Revolution. She started reading it and decided to follow its advice and convinced me to do it with her. After reading the book, I'm pretty sure it's basically what that lt360 program is they are selling on the radio.

This Dr. Gundry is a renowned heart surgeon who was himself obese and plagued with many health problems. Anyway he provides in depth diet information along with encouraging case histories of his patients, fellow workers and his own experience, he lost 75 pounds.

In the first 4 chapters, he educates you on why this method works so well. One thing I wasn't aware of is 90% of your cells are replaced every 90 days so if you stick with this eating program you will be a new you in 90 days! In the past, I've tried the Adkins diet and a few others but always ended up putting the extra pounds back on. I'm convinced that this program is going to work. We've only been doing it since Tuesday but we are both feeling better already. We'll see how it goes!

I wrote to you awhile back about a new eating plan that my wife and I embarked on. Just want to give you an update after the first month, I started at 181.5 and am down to 169.5 and my wife started at 150.5 and is down to 144. Her loss isn't as big as mine but she wasn't as overweight as I was.

We are both really pleased because, as opposed to diets, this is a permanent solution. Many times before I'd cut back on all my food and then when I lost some weight I'd just go back to the same bad habits that got me in trouble in the first place. I think getting older makes me more aware of my mortality and has made me want to do whatever I can to prolong my good health. (Also, I have a daughter with special needs and when I die there is no one else who will care for her. Sad to say but I pray that I outlive her.)

The book we are using is Dr. Gundry's Diet Revolution. I see he has a new book now but the main thrust of it is that lectins are no good for you and those are beans , peas and soy products which we avoid anyway. I doubt I'll buy any of his supplements either as I think you can do just as well by following his eating plan.

We are so excited about it that we've purchased 5 additional copies and sent them to friends and relatives who were interested after hearing of our success.

Something I am really happy about is my craving for sweets is gone! I absolutely loved ginger bread, ginger snaps, cheesecake, ice cream, Red Vines Black Licorice (sometimes a pound a day!) etc. That is over and no regrets.

I hope you can help others with this information! My wife and I love your site and appreciate you so much!

Best Regards,
Dean Gray

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Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution
by: Dean/ Nashville TN

My wife and I go for regular checkups and all of our numbers are good. We are both in the "overweight" range, BMI of 25 to 29.9. We are curious to see if we can both attain our ideal weights. Since we started the plan we have progressed from phase I to phase II and will probably stick with that for a good because many of the foods recommended were part of our regular diets.

The biggest change is we have eliminated most sugar and breads. At first we both missed the unhealthy foods but after about 3 weeks the cravings were gone. Here in Nashville they tout a "revolutionary plan" on the radio called LT360 that is supposed create a new you at the cellular level. I believe LT360 is essentially Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution.

My wife and I are feeling better than we have in a long time and our sleep has improved.

It's not about weight, it's about health...
by: Wendy

I'm reading this book to better understand aging and the human body. I could lose a few pounds, most of us could, but you are right, Joe... I am not heavy.

However, to live a longer l ife, hopefully a continued purposeful life, I need the best health for me.

Miracle Diet
by: Joe W.

Both of you seem to be near your ideal weight already. As a result you will probably not need to lose much more weight. I suggest go to your own Doctor(s) and get a full medical check up including all the readings such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol reading, etc. to see what you health index is. I know that health & wellness is the first necessary step for seniors to achieve before going on to more complex big or small projects.

I don't think there has been any book or information TV advertised diet plan where the clients have keep off the poundage over any reasonable period of time. Your bodies will probably gravitate to the most comfortable weight over your total life span.

Bought it!
by: Wendy

I bought this book when Dean first recommended to me, a month ago. I read a bit, then quickly forgot about it... yeah, I do that a lot.

So I am back to reading to get a better understanding.

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