Drabble Anyone?

by Irwin Lengel

I am going to change my pace this afternoon and instead of writing a long drawn out blog as I am sometimes accustomed to - I decided to try my hand at another Drabble. For those of you that follow my rants and raves, if you will recall, a Drabble consists of 100 words - no more and no less and does not include the title.

Believe it or not, they are not as easy to write as one might think - but for those of us that get a kick out of writing - they can be a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy!

Here we sit, just staring at each other. I’ve waited so long. The two of them just sitting there with their long necks and dark caps. When will the time be right? How long must one wait? Do they even know how much I want them? How long it will be before I have a pair of them again. “Moderation is the key!” What harm will it be if tonight is the night? That is it, I am going to do it. One of them will be my choice this evening. But which one? Bailey’s Original or Bailey’s Salted Caramel?

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by: Wendy

Drabble Snabble - Wendy is a writer of words, what else can you write but words? One day, Wendy was going about her merry morning, when out of the blue, Irwin steps in with this drabble mess. "Oh no! You are not drawing me into that, Irwin! I have work to do!"
But then Anonymous wrote a Drabble. Short. Sweet. It captured my heart. So Write, drabbling as we go about our morning, changing every computer-corrected dribble into the correct drabble! "We must, We must get away from Drabbles", she cried… as she reached for her new love, Blueberry Lemonade!

My drabble
by: Anonymous

I was an actress in my youth. Often I'm still on stage. It happened this month. My goal is to live to 101 and then die in my sleep. But I suddenly felt my heart was giving out.
My blood pressure had suddenly gone up. I called my daughter and let her know things were not good. I had my Doc order a stress test and echocardiogram.
It was Wednesday.
I watched my heart beat on a screen. My goodness what a fascinating video. My heart is fine! Suddenly I felt healthy! Amazing!.
Thank goodness I didn't announce it on Facebook!

(I hope this is 100 I am almost blind now so counting is difficult)

by: Ike - midwest

I love it... short story with a pop! It held my interest and tickled my curiosity. Thank You.

by: Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

Baaaaailey's! Yummmmm!

Too funny, Irwin... I tought a drabble was simply writing dribble-drabble! This was really GOOD!

I love love love Bailey's in my coffee! Technically, Irish Cream, not Bailey's brand, as its rather expensive... either way, good stuff!

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