Driving Anxiety

by Nancy

Last week my husband and I drove 5 hours to visit my sister. I thought it was a fine idea initially to take this trip. I've made this trip hundreds of times.

I live in a rural/small town area, and my sister lives in a metropolitan area. The trip up there was anxiety ridden, and driving around the city likewise.

On the way home, we got minorly lost, but the getting lost part added greatly to the stress. What I learned was, that getting older has caused me to be more anxious about driving, but for me at least this is a normal part of aging, and I need to make adjustments accordingly.

My husband has said that if I want to make the trip again, I will do it alone. I don't mind driving around town, and even 20 miles away to Wal-mart. But I don't intend to make any more highway trips.

My husband and I have enjoyed bus trips, which is going to be my preferred method of vacationing from here on out.

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Conquering Fear
by: Canadian Retiree

I suffer from driving anxiety as well. Yesterday my husband made me drive out to Abbotsford which is a long way from where we live. I even had to drive over a narrow aging bridge I haven’t driven over in a year. I was nervous but did fine! I kept saying "feel the fear so it anyway ". I don’t drive on the freeway but other routes are okay. My husband would not let me out of driving out to see a skating show. He drove back though. He drives fast so kind of scares me. Glad I conquered my fear.

Driving anxiety
by: Anonymous

Does anyone travel separately from their spouse because they cannot stand how they drive? Thanks. Mine drives dangerously in my opinion.

I hear you!
by: Wee-zer

I have written about this exact thing in my life! My husband will drive and I am freaking out the whole time! Highways totally are a death trap in my mind.

I used to drive occasionally to airports that are off highways and it didn't bother me at all. Now, no way. My husband had to go for surgery at an in state hospital that is about an hour away. At first I thought I would drive him there and home a day later. A week or so prior to his surgery they wanted him to come for an educational meeting about what to expect. We left the meeting, got lost the first turn out of the parking garage and it was night.

We had a horrible time figuring out how to get back on the highway. Finally did but it was night and confusing. I decided there was no way I could drive in that high level of traffic and confusion. I called a local limo company and they took us to the hospital. We stayed overnight in a hotel. Husband had surgery the next day and went home a day later. The limo company picked us up and drove us home. The traffic was horrid and was so glad to pay this company to drive us! So worth it!

driving anxiety
by: mildred/tn

Every day at age 81 I have to mk adjustments etc, I got to where I would pass my driveway when being out, So I tied a yellow grocery store bag to my fence post and solved that problem, I think taking a bus is a wonderful idea, Both of u will enjoy an relax

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