Dry Itchy Eyes, Anyone Else?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast

Eye Love on Amazon

Eye Love on Amazon

I have dry itchy eyes,... do you? I know Dry Eyes affects many seniors.

For a few years now, my eyes feel itchy, and oddly enough, my LASHES itch. I haven't heard anyone ever say that, but mine do!

My eyes, daily, year-round, itch like crazy. It feels like I have something in them, but I don't. I have eye drops and often use a cold compress to slow down the itching and swelling. It's a never-ending cycle.

Recently I ran across a product called EYE LOVE. On Amazon, it says "CLEANER EYELIDS HELP SOOTHE IRRITATED EYES AND ITCHY, DRY, INFLAMED SKIN CONDITIONS - For use anywhere that you have skin, this natural, organic formula cleans your eyelids which helps when experiencing itchy eyelids, irritated eyes, dry skin and other skin irritations."

Only used for three days so far -- but my eye and eyelashes feel amazing. I wasn't diagnosed, just tried this out of curiosity and it totally works for me! THREE DAYS -- my eyes feel great. UPDATE: Wrote this back in August and never posted. But now, December, and just ordered another bottle, thought I'd share.

Anyone ever heard of blepharitis? It is a condition with itchy dry eyelids. Maybe I had it, maybe not... but this Eye Love stuff really feels fabulous to me.

Seriously? Yep.

WHY would an eyelid and lash cleaner help my Dry Eyes? I don't know. I only know it does.

Click the link above to read more on Amazon... read a few reviews, as people are really being helped.

Just thought I'd share with you!

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eyelids itch?
by: Anonymous

I am eager to hear more about this. Please post what your doctor says next time you happen to see your doctor.

Wendy: Oddly enough -- I've never mentioned this to my doctor. I've got seasonal allergies so spring and fall always brings itchy eyes -- but more now as I age.

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