Early Disability Retirement at 50

by Pam

I just went out on disability retirement with a shoulder injury due to 22 years of delivering mail.

I'll be 50 this year.. I am so miserable ..had to get put on anti depressants..seeing counselors.. everybody can't wait to get out of the post office and here I've turned into a depressed..lonely..bored..feel worthless person with no purpose.. I totally get how everyone feels.

I can get another job in the private sector and keep my retirement but I've lost who I was to even get out and look.. I can't function . that place was my home away from home for a long time.. this has to be the worst thing I've been through..

Hopefully I'll get through this transition soon..its been almost 2 months.

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Lonely and alone
by: Anonymous

I relate completely to what you are experiencing. Also an early disability retirement and it is challenging while your friends are at work, the days are long.

Yes, I've tried volunteering with senior residences and animal shelters and did return to college for an undergrad but, what now?
On one hand, I feel blessed... in the other, alone. Keep at it!

I Know the Feeling
by: Tim C / So Cal

Hi Pam

I know the feeling. In December, I left my job after 31 years and my co-workers were like my second family. Also, I was a manager so I was used to people depending on me.

Overnight, all that was gone. I told my co-workers I wouldn't be one of those people who came back to visit and bother them, but I miss them. I also miss being the "go-to" person.

But I am adjusting and realizing my self-worth can't be defined by what I did for a living. I'm still smart and dependable and industrious. I just need to channel those qualities in other ways.

It's a tough lesson to learn and I'm still dealing with it, but we can get there!

Wendy: Just had to add the bold!

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