Early Retiree

by Ron
(Springfield Illinois)


I am a 56 year old single retiree. I have two grown children and three grandsons ages 7, 3, and 1. I have been retired for 3 years. I was the head of an IT department supervising 100 employees.

Unfortunately salaries were frozen for management employees the last 10 years that I was employed. As I was reaching the eligible retirement requirements and after receiving no raises and having most of my employees receiving more compensation than I was I decided to go with the retirement option.

I started wondering what I would do after I retired about a year before I actually retired. I decided to get back into riding horses, like I did 10 years ago. So I went out to a stable a few months before i retired and inquired about leasing a horse to ride. After they saw me ride a couple of horses, they decided they had a lot of horses that needed to be ridden and since they liked my riding skills I could come out and ride whenever i wanted for free.

After doing a few months of this... I started working for this stable for about a year and a half.

I ended up buying a horse and now a few years later I own two. I ride daily in an indoor arena or on trails right out of the barn. Right now this is working for me, however I am starting to think about future plans.

More on that later....

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Early Retirement
by: Dean/Tennessee

It's funny how a seemingly bad thing can evolve into a good thing!

by: June/GA

I posted a year or so ago right after retiring.

Since that time I found an on call job where I secret shop apartment complexes and real estate agents to determine if they are adhering to fair housing requirements. Money is great. Mileage is paid. Acting is fun. Plus you get some great decorating ideas.

I'm loving it...

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