Early Retirement, At 72

by Ron

Early Retirement: I think it is between 65 and 70. I am 72 and just retiring.

I think it is a state of mind and how you feel working where you do.

I like working as a Therapist in a University setting. I also liked my small Group practice, but I know it is up to me to leave both and to do other things.

Perhaps being a pt Therapist will fit into my schedule.

Wendy: One of the retired therapists I know moved from mental health at retirment to working part-time for the Family Court. He loved it... same, but completely different. Lots of options out there!

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Early Retirement
by: Anonymous

Early Retirement, to me, is under age 62, the age at which you can collect Social Security.

I retired very early....I'm 60 and retired. I've been working over 40 years and couldn't take the stress and hours any longer. Am looking for part time work. Hope I find something.

It would've been nice if I could've worked until 72, or even 65, but the field I chose was too stressful and required too many long hours to do it that long. I tried changing jobs the last couple of years, hoping to rectify that, but it was the same thing. It was just the nature of the job. There are no "old" litigation paralegals.

I scoff when I hear politicians talk about retiring later. They have cushy jobs. What I did is hard on you physically and emotionally. If you don't leave, they will probably try to get rid of you.

I hope I find something better than working at McDonald's. But just in case, I'm practicing saying, "You want fries with that?"

Still Working at 68 and LOVING IT!
by: Georgia

I am a 68 year old female. I enjoy working. I have worked very hard and long hours to support myself. I am very very BLESSED!! I love life!

I KNOW I am very fortunate to be at this stage of life, good health, with the ability to retire with a good salary. I have almost 42 years service with the Federal Gov't..

I had been told, I would know when the time is right. I believe that, because I am really thinking seriously about retirement. I am beginning to feel the "aches and pains" that are usually associated with "aging".

I personally believe "retirement" is not what life is about. I believe life is about living each day to the fullest, enjoying the whole journey. Meeting people as we travel our path, to give a smile, a hug, an encouraging word, to remind each other life is good.

There is a reason we are who we are and why we do the things we do. We should learn by our mistakes, be accountable for our decisions, don't be bitter, be kind and try to share joy with others.

Retirement will be wonderful!

Everyone's life is "right" for that person. No one is right or wrong.

We are all different! That is why we have such a wonderful world to live in.

I hope everyone enjoys their life, retired or working! Life is very short.

I just want to be happy!

Get Their Promises in Writing.
by: Anonymous

I'm 71 and going on 27 year's with this company. Had they given me what they promised when I was hired, I could afford to retire, but the literally have stolen thousands with their lies. Like the work though, just not the company.

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