Early retirement benefit of deceased husband?

by Barb G

He would have been 62 in 7 months, and I'm only 48.

Can i receive his early retirement?

Wendy:First, my condolences to you... what a shame, much too young to be gone already. I hope, since he was close to retirement age, that the two of you had already planned towards your retirements, so that you are financially ok.

I'm going to assume you are asking about Social Security, not a death-related pension...

You will be eligible for an early widows benefit, under Social Security, at age 60.. unless you are disabled, then the earliest age is 50. If you are working, depending on your income at that time, you may lose part of your benefit.

Here is the link to the Social Security
Widows and Widowers page, where you can learn more!

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