Early Retirement: Bored mom

by Bored mom

I am 47 and will be retired for almost a year in December. This was not my choice but health issue became too much after working twenty years.

I thought I had plenty to keep me busy and am doing those things .... slowly and without much enthusiasm. I've lost interest in a lot of things I used to love.

Top ten on depression list. Definitely not me.

Not sure what to do, feel lost as a teacher, miss the kids and work structure but not the paperwork.


-Bored mom

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Bored Mom
by: Elna Nugent ,Lenox, MA

Dear Bored Mom:

I take it you are not into substitute teaching or tutoring children who might need you.

We all tend to get seriously bored if we are not doing somethjng that helps or inspires others. Some may choose to create or make over a room in the house that needs some bounce and color. It doesn't have to cost anything except work and creative imagination.

Or we can also decide to do over ourselves----change how we do our hair and the clothes we wear. All of this not only sparks us up but it amazes the people around us and helps invigorate them as well.

by: Anonymous

I don't do volunteer work, but just do what is needed for others.

Right now I have a friend with metastatic pancreatic cancer. Her sister lives with her but works a different unpredictable shift each week. So 3-4 times a week, I go and watch tv with my friend from 8:30 pm - midnight. I might get her water or clean up if she has diarrhea. I leave at 7:30 pm and walk about 3 miles to her house. Her sister drives me home after midnight when she is done working. My life is richer for doing this. I have never had anyone to watch tv with before. Today I bought her and her sister pajamas that I can return if they don't want them.

With a different shift schedule each week, I am always on my toes and trying to catch a nap here and there.

By the way, the medic alert did not work last night when (before I got there), she was alone in the kitchen and fell. What good is a medic alert that is undependable?

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