Early Retirement

by Paul
(Baltimore, MD)

I was able to take a disibility retirement after 20 years of service with State Government after going into CHF. I was single and 50 years old when this happened.

What I originally thought was a deep depression turned out to be a physical problem. After being in the hospital, I began to recuperate.

I have not been worked since Aug 2012. Fortunately with me, things worked out to where I only ended up losing a couple of hundred dollars a month compared to my working salary.

For the first two years, getting better was the priority, so I decided to spend time working on projects around the house at my own pace. This kept me occupied gave time to think about where I would like to go next. At this time I still haven't figured that out, so I decided to return to my therapist to guide me.

I was worried that I would begin to slip into a depression over anxiety on how to keep busy. I now spend time getting outside with a focus on health.

I am not at all sorry I left where I was, I honestly wasn't sure if I could have made it to a normal retirement age baring any health issues.

One thing I have done is to give myself days to relax. I also do my best to turn off the TV at 10 AM so that I don't turn into a couch potato.

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by: Len

That is great for her. I wish her the best. I am traveling to Honolulu for work event. I have friends who lives there. He and his wife retired few years ago. I am meeting with them so I plan to ask them for advise too. Thank you.


re: Len
by: Paul

Interesting. I was talking to a lady last night that at 76 got a part time job specifically so that she could travel out of it. So much good input here.

by: Len - Islands

You are so right! I found this site several years ago and got interested just reading what others write about various topics. I responded to few comments.

I also connected with couple of people and have been in touch with them through emails since then. I travel for work too and just last month I happen to have a meeting in NM. Finally met one of this friends. Now I have a face to a name..he he he. It was so nice.

I share thoughts here and do get good response which is very helpful especially at this stage of my life. I am always thankful. Take care!


by: Anonymous

Thank you for leaving comments. This is such a great site to be able to see how others feel or can relate to the issues that you or I may be going through. One of the best feelings is to know you are not alone with certain issues.

Planning for life after retirement
by: Helen (Len)

Greetings from the islands!

Yes doing outside activities is good.

As I said I still have couple of years to work before I retired. I am busy and love what I do. I work from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm five days a week.

On weekends I basically just do the house chores then spend the rest of the time just reading. Ok. I am reading comments, taking notes and planning. This is great! I am looking forward to read more.

Thank you and Take care!


No Idea whats coming
by: Anonymous


I read your message and realized that someone else does feel the anxiety of retirement. I am in that mode now. I have no idea what would be good to do.

I thought of doing volunteer work in teaching field back at my home island but now I am not so sure about that either. Its good that you have a therapist you could talk to and have some guidance.

I still want to live on my own but my children feel that they need to take care of me but I don't want to be a burden and I am still good for some years.

I love this website cause I could just read about what others have to say and see how I can navigate with such information.

I hope you feel better. Take care! Helen

Retirement and depression
by: Nancy

I second your opinion to turn off the TV early to avoid becoming a couch potato. It would be very easy for me to lie on the sofa as well.

I am battling health issues also, so being tired and not feeling well is a way of life; however, making myself do things makes me feel better emotionally and physically.

This week, I've got to exercise 3 times. I took my dog to the State Park this week which was fun.

I tend to see things in black and white. For example, I have two dogs; one of them can no longer jump in the car and she is too heavy to pick up. I used to love to take my dogs to the park.

My thinking was if I couldn't take the big dog to the park, I couldn't go by myself or with one dog. But it worked out all right to take one dog and I had fun. The big dog got a walk by herself in the yard.

This is a great website. You will get the help you need.

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