Early Riser but a bit of a procrastinator lately

by Irwin

I believe whole-heartedly in the early morning concept with regards to the fact that getting up early and taking some time for oneself in the early hours of the morning sets the tone for the day. Hence the reason I am here and looking forward to this "Morning Makeover Challenge."

Mine isn't so much as a makeover as much as it is a "Kick in the Butt" to get me back with a program I have followed for years that has served me well and one that needs re-vitalizing.

Thank you Wendy for bringing this "Makeover Challenge" to us.

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by: Ricardo

Early OR late "rising" normally relates to the requirement to do so while one is in the work a day world. We establish patterns and routines and we find comfort in them often times because of necessity.

When we no longer are required to "rise" at a certain hour after having done it for a lifetime, it becomes part of our "routine", so to speak. I for one would get up much earlier than need be when I was working just to have some "quiet" time prior to going to work.....I set up a pattern or routine that I carried on for years.

Since my retirement some five years ago, I still find myself in a similar early morning mindset. Could I sleep in later, of course I could, do I, of course I do not. An ache or pain here, a bathroom visit there, perhaps a concern of one of my grandchildren and their futures.

They do suggest that at ANY age going to bed at the same time AND rising at the same time is beneficial....it's a routine, a pattern, and we as humans are comfortable with routines and patterns and as we age even more so....we don't want our boats rocked.

So, I will retire for the evening about the same time and "rise" about the same time, sans an alarm clock that I have not used for YEARS.....IT FEELS COMFORTABLE IT'S MY "ROUTINE."

Irwin? Procrastinator?
by: Wendy

I would never have put those two words in the same sentence... you are up early and posting your Facebook thoughts every morning. You and Dolly travel... lots! You both do different activities in the retirement community you live in. You are active, if you ask me!

Glad to have you join us, Irwin!

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