Early Riser but Slow Moving...

by Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

Good Morning!

I am an early riser, though with retirement, sometimes it feels darn good to just lie there, daydreaming a bit!

I need more exercise to my mornings, instead, I work on Retirement-Online... I totally enjoy my mornings too! I am seated in my red leather recliner looking out the den picture window to the backyard. I love watching the squirrels, birds, and now the yellow finches are back on the feeders! Woot!

I write, I approve new members into the community, I approve new posts on the site, always visit Facebook for a bit.. and my brain is very active in the morning hours It's quiet, peaceful, tv isn't on yet...

Now, about that exercise, Hmmmm, my husband goes to the gym about 8:30 am every morning, and I certainly could go...

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