Education after Retirement?

by Barbara

Downsized: Afraid to leave - but didn't want to stay - what now?

I worked for a shipping co. for nearly 21 yrs. Finally the day came when in order to stay, my only choice was to take a job I knew I would hate and would be very stressful or let the chips fall and take a buy out - cutting my pension in half!

Since I already had rheumatoid arthritis, I chose to protect my health and go. It's been 3yrs now and last Sept. on my 62nd birthday (senior citizen), I was accepted into a master's program for counseling.

I have just finished my 2nd semester and am taking a break from typing my last paper for this semester.

In 2 weeks I start my summer class (no time to waste - I'm no chicken!)

Wendy: WOW, Barbara, You Go Girl!!

Two weeks ago, at 57, I just started a Life Purpose Coach training... so I will be certified by the end of the summer. It feels great to be challenged like this, keep my brain cells sparking up there -- and I'm sure you feel the same!

Thanks for sharing!

Retirees can and should take classes, not necessarily to get higher degrees but for personal satisfaction. Hobby classes, cooking classes, adult ed classes or at the local community college.

Simply look at the topics you are interested in, like Computer Repair (where you can take your education to help family and friends, or pass flyers and start a small biz in your local area)!

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