Educator Retirement: Indecision Indecision

by Lorie in Nashville

I have stressed myself to the max with the decision to retire or not after thirty four years as an educator. I have seen more than I can stand of horrible teachers, sad children who have role models like cardi-b and every rapper who uses profanity as a platform to incite idiocy.

I will have a pension and a mortgage (thanks to exiting an abusive marriage and settling for too little in the divorce). Social Security will kick in next year and I would be just fine. I have been offered a part time job, however, 3 days per week but they would not pay me what I asked for.

I am a seasoned speech pathologist but of course, I am a woman of color and sixy plus. What to expect. Ok, so now, I do want a new car,,,, just for fun and to replace a 12year old Honda. However, I am ready to leave this chaotic job with mean young superiors behind.

Blessings to all.

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Hello Lorie,
by: Herb/ Maryland

Hello Lorie,

What are your plans for retirement? How long do you plan to work?

Educator Retirement
by: Sherry/ NC

Hi, never ever buy a brand new car. Your money is going down the drain so to speak if you do that. You can always buy a very good pre-owned certified car at a good price with everything on it just like you want with your hard earned money and yes it will last you for years!!

You can always do research in the Consumer Digest to find the best used cars! Your public library has the Consumer Digest and you can use it for FREE; I did this and I am very happy with my vehicle and saved a lot of money. Just do your research when you purchase anything that is a major price buy! You will be amazed!

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