Emotional Roller Coaster

by Robert

I was a minority shareholder and COO in a small private company. Our market had been very volitale over the past 4 years and we had accumulated a substantial amount of debt to keep the company solvent.

We recently sold to a small public company. However, after paying off the company debt, there was not much left over for the shareholders. It was a very anxious time leading up to the sale of the company trying to quickly determine what I was going to do with myself afterward.

I was very anxious about finances because I did have a substantial montly salary but knew it was going to be impossible at the age of 57 to find a position in the corporate world at my age at a fraction of what I had been making. And that has turned out to be very true.

I have applied for a number of positions in which I am sure my resume stood above all others but because of my age i did not even recieve a courtesy call. But this is what I had expected.

So in anticipation of this, I went to night school to study for a natioanl exam to become a certified Personal Trainer. I passed the exam and am currently employed at an exceptional club in my area as a Personal Trainer.

I have not worked so hard for so little money since I was a kid. And I have good and bad days emotionally. As with a lot of the folks that write their stories here, my greatest concern in financial.

Will I have enough funds to make it through my retirement years is a constant thought. And the strangest thing of all is the anxiety I feel sometimes at my new job.

In the recent past I have led the negotiation for our company to secure a $130,000,000.00 line of credit, while now as a Personal Trainer I feel very anxious when faced with developing a one hour training session for a new client because I feel inadequate.

Then I also think about the long hours I am putting in and the very little money that it pays and wonder if this is what I should be doing but am afraid to quit because I don't want to lose out on even the small amount of money I am making, plus all the effort I have put in to becoming a certified Personal Trainer.

My anxiety just seems irrational to me when comparing the challenges I faced before as COO and didn't blink an eye, when compared to the challenges as a Personal Trainer.

I have been working as a Personal Trainer for about 2 months now and it has gotten a little better but there are still days when I just dread going into work. It really befuddles me to experience these feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and a general feeling of being lost.

My wife's income is sporadic, so I was the main income producer, but no longer, which contributes to my feeling of anxiety.

I know these feelings will pass eventually, as they always do, but I am ready to return to the state of my old self-confident persona. It is very unsettling at the moment.

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Personal training
by: Lynn

Hi Robert in Texas,
Well you live in a fine state.

Robert -- start looking at your job from your client's point of view. They come to you for fitness, better health, a better way of life. They don't expect anything from you except for good strategies for being stronger and healthier.

Joke with them, h ave fun with them and help them learn better health and exercise habits.

They don't expect you to do miracles and you can listen to them and their concerns and respond individually to each ohe. Do that and you will be fine at your job and frankly it's a very important work you are doing.

Good for you for finding a new career...it will keep you fit also.


This is a common scenario. It will take time but you WILL find your way - and things may even turn out BETTER!

You have your health and a spouse (who works)
and you are doing something that gives you satisfaction. Don't worry too much. Try to relax and you may be surprised what happens!

Good luck!

by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

Without going into detail, you would be surprised how comfortable you can live on a whole lot less when you value the quality of the rest of your life more than money or possessions. Downsize I did and give up things you thought you couldn't live without and you may discover real life is waiting for you.

Just a thought
by: Ann in Reno

I'm surviving 8 years as a retiree on fixed income and had to cut way back and downsize to fit my income after the recession hit and my finances plummeted.

There are better days ahead dear one, if you make them so. God bless you

Yep... It happens!
by: Wendy

Weird, isn't it?

I just don't get how this happens to so many of us. Successful folks in thier own right, until they retire... and we fall into self-doubt. WHY?

Ask yourself: "Whats the worse that can happen?" and send your answer to me using the "contact me" bottom right. It will force you to write out your answer and consider your worst possible scenario.... and I'd bet its not that bad.

SMILE, Life is good. You've got a job, relax and enjoy it.
Play with people out there, you'll feel more comfortable as you go, charge more, and be more accepted.

JUST DO THE WORK you did once -- do it again in a whole new field.

You are almost THERE. GO FOR IT!

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