Enforced retirement

by Catherine

After returning in February of this year from a holiday in South Africa, I was informed by my new bosses that I could either be made redundant or take retirement, so I reluctantly took retirement.
So now have a Lot of time on my hands, so thought it would be nice to get a pen pal.

My name is Catherine and I live alone in north London, have three daughters and three grandchildren, and am finding it difficult to make full use of my time, after being so busy, I have a good circle of friends that I see fairly frequently, for lunch etc, but that can be expensive if done too regularly .

I love reading, travel, art galleries ,and good food. Would love to speak to people who are in my age group 66, about their experiences etc.

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by: joe mullarkey

Hi Catherine, I love your name that was my wife's name, god bless her, I live in Canada but lived for a short time in London hoping to go to London to see my sister next year. Catherine if you ever like to talk here is my email address josephmullarkey at hotmail.com

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