Enjoy dancing

by Hiroshi
(Koshi, Kumamoto, Japan)

Last Sunday I went to a dance party at the bar. They hold a party once every month. I regularly attend a party. We eat, drink, sing and dance.

We dance blues, waltz, tango, cha-cha, mambo, rumba and others. There are many women who want to dance. So we men can have a partner easily. I danced with about ten different women.

I really enjoyed dancing and was happy. It is said that it is good for old people to associate with opposite sex in order to be healthy and strong longer. Let’s enjoy dancing.

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by: Sherry/ USA

You sound happy!! Good for you!

Too confined by shame
by: Shame -worn

I attended a senior center party today. There were 2 live musicians, good ones, food, and friends.

I saw how some folks freely danced while I sat, afraid to be let loose.

God is bless those who rise and dance!

Maybe one day I can.

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