Estate Planning Resource Guide

Estate Planning w/ a FREE Peace of Mind Book

This is a great Estate Planning resource guide from the State of Michigan, and I bet you can find one from your own state too!

I've witnessed so many grieving widow/widowers who have no idea where to start after their partner dies. Same goes for the kids after both parents are gone.

Please Please don't do this to your loved ones... a simple Peace of Mind document completed with your information is a true act of love for them!

We used these documents, for over 20 years, at County Pre-Retirement Planning programs. It's seriously an effective document covering so much personal information that family needs later in life.

The Michigan Legislature publishes a "Do-It-Yourself Guide to Medical and Legal Decisions" called PEACE OF MIND.

It's a free publication for Michigan residents... call your State Representative for a copy or download it here.

This publication won't answer all of your estate planning questions, and it's not for large estates, or even all of the USA -- but I bet most states also have a guide like this. There is lots of great information.

It has a great personal records form and medical/prescription records form that you can use where ever you live... great place to put all your personal information for "some day" when your loved ones might need it.

You can always try a Google search for your state -- I found this book for Iowa by entering the search term: "Peace of Mind book for Iowa", or try: "Free Guide to Medical and Legal Decisions in Iowa"... I bet you'll find one that applies directly to where you live, like the document for Iowa that I found above. Try your search next:


The Michigan book contains a few important fill in the blank forms like:

  • Personal Records
  • Medical and Prescription Records
  • Michigan Statutory Will
  • Advance Directives for Health Care.

Personal Records - this is a great form so that your family can locate important paperwork in the event you are ill or die.

You will record mortgage information, health information, life insurances, military insurance, social security, pension records, and financial records.

What a comfort to know your life is in order and recorded so that your family can find it easily.

Michigan Statutory Will - If you don't have a large estate, and your desires are relatively simply, you can complete this fill-in-the-blank will in Michigan.

Technically, in Michigan, a hand written will (holographic will) is legal. You can write on simple paper what your wishes are, and your estate would be distributed by the court as you request.

Download a free copy of Peace Of Mind here!

I hope this helps you find Estate Planning answers!