Expat in Germany

by Allan Knight
(Warendorf, Germany)

Hello all,

My name is Allan, 68 years old, I have been retired for some 3 years, two of which were wasted due to the pandemic.

I am married but my wife is still working. I am finding life difficult here in Germany, I speak the language but I miss the British sense of humour and true friendship of my former colleagues and friends in the UK.

I am a retired petroleum chemist, I have many hobbies, although not so keen on football which seems to be the main topic of conversation here in Germany. I would love to hear from anyone back in the UK.

Regards Allan

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Perhaps this may help
by: Anonymous

Hi. I am not an expat either, but I also belong to another forum where there are many expats. It is called Seniorforum.com. Perhaps you might find kindred spirits there. Best of luck.

by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm not an expat, just want to say "Great job reaching out". Let us know how it goes.


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