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One more idea on extra retirement income... this is the end of a 4 part series.

Every article is another idea for a website and how you might make money from it. I am simply providing ideas to show you how ANY TOPIC you are interested in can earn a supplemental retirement income on the internet.

Spend some time and effort -- and watch what happens!

Beatles Memorabilia:

You have a simple hobby, maybe more of a passion, collecting anything and everything you can on the Beatles. You've collected Beatle Memorabilia since they were new on the scene in the 1960s.

Yep, you are a Beatle fanatic!

Why keep all this stuff locked up in your home? Why not share your interest with the world? You've kept oodles of news and magazine articles over the years, have lots of books, and lots of souvenir items too.

Brainstormer helps you find the great keywords you need:

Fine... your brainstormer search is geared towards: The Beatles, each member of the band, song names, album names, autographs, based on whatever keywords have great numbers. You begin to write articles, it's quite easy because you know this band so well! You write about Paul McCartney's life (before the Beatles, the Beatle years, his marriages, his kids, the songs he has written). You do the same for the rest of the Beatles. You write about each song providing the lyrics and telling readers about the background of the song (assuming you research and can find that).

Many Solo Build It users use C2 module to get visitors involved:

Solo Build It has a module called C2, which is where you invite visitors to add contributions to your website – You'd invite Beatle lovers to upload personal photos they've taken, concert photos, memorabilia they own, personal stories about the Beatles. This gives you more pages for more visitors... but also lots more opinions, and stories, making your website even more interesting!

Then comes the website income:

Finally, you cut and paste Google Adsense ads on those pages, simple. But you also find Beatles tshirts and mugs from Cafepress, put some Ebay auctions on Beatles stuff on some pages, and sell Beatles all over your pages.

Visitors are there to learn more, to answer a Beatle question, but they like you and your site, and find something and... you get a commission. Collectors, as you know, will buy so much stuff they “can't live without”. I know I do!

I love sharing my knowledge (retirement), fun hobby (pen pals), and just life!

Just think – you had a ball doing this website. You shared your knowledge and all the memorabilia in your home, you will get daily emails from visitors who share your enthusiasm for the Beatles, (many from other countries), you have become established as the Beatle expert, you enjoy what you are doing.. and you even make an INCOME from your lifetime hobby!

WHY NOT? What's not to like about websites? I honestly and sincerely cannot help but be enthusiastic about my websites. I help retirees and I make an honest stay-at-home income.. works for me!

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