by Joe

I quit my job in May, sold our home, and moved to SC to be with family.

Terrible financial decision! In three to five years, I would have been all set. I tried two jobs since August and I just could not handle either. If I was very good in my old job and might be able to return with a pay cut (company rules).

My wife will not return to NJ with me so it most likely will not happen.

That inspection job fit me like a glove with pay and benefits I will never see again.

Our plan, agreed to by my daughter and son in law, is to move into a 400 square feet room above the garage. We would gift them about $25,000 to make some renovations.

One chance to do retirement correctly by selling the house, staying in NJ and working three to five more years. Now we will be depending on my daughter and son in law.

Both of them are great but I'm embarrassed by my failure!!!

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How are you?
by: Linda. FL. Your Name/Locationf

I was wondering if you could give us an update?

Definitely not a failure
by: Elna Nugent , Mass

Dear Joe:

Are you kidding? You certainly aren't a failure. You took a chance that didn't work out the way you figured. if you hadn't taken the chance you might have spent the next three years kicking yourself for not having tried it.

It sounds to me as if you have brushed yourself off, and are finding new and creative ways to make things work. Possibly you could be helpful to your daughter in many ways if she needs or wants your help.

A new job could be waiting for you if you don't block it by thinking negatively. Trust the future. One day you will look back at this as a turning point toward a better life . Enjoy the warmth of the south and find little ways everyday to make your wife happy.

Many blessings,

by: Anonymous

Wendy makes sense.

There is another choice, however. Go to N.J. by yourself for 3 to 5 years if you can have your old job back. Maybe if you were great at your job they will even give you your benefits back? You could travel to visit your wife and family from time to time and for holidays. (For living space in N.J. perhaps you could rent a room at a co workers house or friend's house?).

Just another thought.

Life Isn't Perfect...
by: Wendy

You made a decision and now you keep looking backwards at life. Just think -- you can't do anything about the past, it is what it is. Right?

The only thing you have control of is today. The future awaits you. You can sit and feel bad, slowly slipping into depression -- OR -- you can keep moving towards life again. It's a choice.

Even if a few jobs didn't work out, there are plenty more out there. Consider a whole different field, something that might be fun! Maybe you'll find something that allows you to move out (for now) into a larger living space... knowing the apartment is waiting for your later years!

Please don't live in the past... it doesn't serve you well!

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