Farewell , Teacher Retirement Poem

by Janet

I retired from 32 years an educator in Public Schools. I retired in 2008. I wrote a poem at the time and would like to post it here on this site.


Eastie High, that school upon the hill
Mornings sunny and bright
It will be there still
A forever glowing light          
Eastie High has been like family
Fond memories I share
In front of the school, a beautiful tree
Whose leaves and branches grow strong and fair
The image of a late comrade and friend
Who unselfishly taught with care
Students of Eastie High, until her end
Though her spirit will still be there
With its colors blue and gold
Eastie High is a winning team
Stories waiting, yet to be told
Of students, who can reach their dreams
Eastie High, that school upon the hill
A marvelous journey, as I turn in the key once handed to me
It will be there still
Farewell, colleagues and friends, you have been like family.

By: Janet

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your poem
by: Guinn, retired teacher

I really enjoyed your poem. I love poetry. I can pretty much relate to your feelings in your poem. Thank you for sharing. Have a happy retirement.

poems yes
by: Anonymous

great idea posting poems here!! Thanks I enjoyed it.

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