Feel the dog chasing the car - what do you do when you catch it?

by Mark

Like many, have thought about retirement for many years. Have lots of hobbies that I'd like to indulge.

Many days I'd be going to work thinking 'if I was home today, I would do ______' and wish I was.

Now that it's here - why do I not have that same excitement?

I feel bad just typing these words - what do I really have to be anxious about?

All the comments on this site say 'it passes, you will learn to love it' etc etc.

Is it just a matter of time and patience taking its course? I certainly hope so. Thanks for this site and for all the comments.

Wendy: Mark, What on earth is stopping you? Especially since you mentioned you DO have hobbies and considered what you'd do after retirement. Isn't it odd? Happens to so many of us...

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