Feeling Blue?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Senior Friends

Senior Friends

Anyone else feeling a little blue? Not depressed -- but kinda gloomy and down-hearted?

Is it the Winter Blues (lack of sunshine)?
After Holidays Blues?
Need More Dark Chocolate Blues?
Our Society is a Mess Blues?
What happened to our U.S.A. Blues?
Two-More-Months-then-One-Year-of-COVID Blues? (to me, it all started here in March).

Another day of near-nothing happening? You know I'm an introvert, but even introverts need some people watching and interaction, there is none.

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I wish I could simply eat out -- something different, but Michigan restaurants are shut down. Some people are doing "igloo" dining at restaurants -- one family, one igloo, heated, but just not what I was looking for. Perhaps I will get carry-out, at least the food will be very different, like Lebanese which I love!

Yes, I could go shopping and watch people (with masks and social distancing in place) -- No, not for me. I need to keep safe, my choice, despite the blues.

AND, No, it's not all about me.

Our world is sad. Our society brings me down. So many people are mean, have little respect, and simply uncaring. This hurts my heart.

WHY are people so divided?

WHY can't we respect that we all have different opinions, based on our life experiences and our personal beliefs, and that's OK! It would be a very boring world if we all thought alike!

COVID rules have taken over our lives and we must stay safe, or risk death... and not a pleasant one either.

I have rattled on long enough. I wrote this yesterday and I am posting today. I am feeling better this morning -- unsure why. We visited my sister's last night, played Rummikub, of all things, and it was fun! This game makes you think strategically. Maybe just some FUN helped!

P.S. Yesterday, we lost Terry's long-time boss to COVID. They went fishing together years ago and worked side by side for 30ish years. Rob managed his family's business until COVID recently entered his life, now he is gone, before retirement, before age 60.

We have another dear friend, hospitalized with COVID and just stepped down from ICU... Debi has worked at our church for 20 years. Praying she is strong enough to fight COVID.

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I agree
by: Sue in Colorado

Yes, I feel the same way. America isn’t the same anymore and we’re all secluded now. I’m afraid Socialism is our outlook now which grieves my heart.

I guess at this point we continue to take one day at a time and try to find our new normal.

I still believe that God is in control. So that comforts me.

Favorite things
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

I keep the Christmas lights and tree up until January 15th. I always liked Christmas lights - they make me happy. January 15th since I have 2 nephews with birthdays on that day. I'm from Florida, so we have lots of sun. Baking Christmas cookies kept me busy and happy. And, eating them was fun too.

But, there is a general sadness since we don't have neighborhood socials due to COVID. I never realized how even a simple hug from a neighbor meant so much! We do see people in the neighborhood and simply wave or have a quick, socially-distanced chat.

Focusing on things that make me happy always helps with the blues. So, some favorite music, movie, or TV show. A comfy sweater. And, indulging in some favorite foods and treats helps too!

Remember to get lots of rest and sleep in if you can! I'm planning for my summer garden.

Hopefully, we'll get the virus soon and return to some sense of normalcy. In the meantime, sing and dance around the house!

Dark days in the UK
by: Anna UK

It's dark days here in the UK at the moment.

We're a week into our 3rd national lockdown. We can only leave home to work, shop or exercise, no mixing indoors or outdoors with other households, all hospitality and non-essential shops are shut along with schools and universities.

The first lockdown coincided with lovely weather so we all spent a lot of time outside, now we're in the middle of winter it's frosty mornings and dark by 4pm. A completely different feeling hangs us, the sunny optimism of the first lockdown has become a gloomy pessimism and worry about when this will end.

I think it's fine to feel down at the moment, we're going through unprecedented times. The more positive amongst us are maybe finding it easier to cope with, but everyone is feeling to some extent.

What's interesting (if that's the right word) is how differently the virus is affecting people across countries, city's and families. We're all going through it but we're not all having the same experience.

by: Lisa

Can totally relate to the "mood", which is sullen due to Covid.

Both my husband and I contracted Covid in November. He ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia. Thank goodness he got better. I was monitoring his oxygen levels, and got him admitted when they went down.

Being in Michigan offers no respite from Covid. Everything is closed. Our holidays were absolutely no contact. As for the political campaign, I actually lost a long-term friend who became so obsessed with her party's platform that we couldn't relate.

Now, I am dealing with the fallout.

My husband is having post-covid brain fog, and muscle weakness.

He gets irritated easily and guess who gets the brunt of it? Me!

by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

When I am feeling Blue, I listen to the Blues and immediately feel better. Channeling that feeling into something that gives you pleasure will change your perspective. COVID or anything else is just a circumstance. How we decide to think about it is the opportunity.

Definately Feeling The Blues
by: Mary/Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hi I’m a nurse and one of the doctors sent me a text asking me how I was doing. My response to him was long but I’m attaching it anyway.

Hello Doctor, I am here and like everyone else during this "Damdemic" staying as safe as humanly possible at this point.

My Zumba Classes were stopped by the city because of the lockdown and rightfully so. So I’ve been keeping busy reading, writing, working out at home and staying virtually connected with family and friends.

It’s weird I kept hearing about Covid Fatigue but now I really understand what it means. One becomes emotionally, spiritually and even physically exhausted, full (as my brother calls it) and downtrodden.

I feel sad for the sick, elderly, businesses, workers and I’ve seen tears in the eyes and heard the tremble in the voices of my front line brothers and sisters.

What the hell is this when an 88-year-old great grandmother sits in a wheelchair because you’re only being seen by a doctor if you need to put on a ventilator, or a 15 or 50-year-old HEALTHY person gets sick on Monday and is dead by Friday?

Viruses are mutating quicker than a person can get inoculated, trailers being used to store bodies because there’s nowhere to put them and lastly people still being tested positive even after their second shot. You see what I mean now.

This is really scaring me, a nurse that’s seen practically every disease known to man.

Ok you asked and open up the floodgates and I let loose. Felt good too because I’m tired of hearing about, talking about, the conspiracy theories and the government.

I’ll watch any brainless movie on TV and the funnier the better because I’m "full" (you have to snap your fingers when you say that).

Thank you asking. Stay well and be safe.

Nurse Mary

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