Feeling depressed

by A. Tyler
(Atlanta, Ga)

I retired 6 years ago. Shortly after retiring I became caregiver of my parent.

I have since gotten her in a skilled facility. I was so depressed going to the nursing home daily that I went back to work. The job keeps me engaged but I didn’t retire to work as hard as I do.

I feel at a loss, I don’t have any outside assistance nor help. My life consist of nursing home and work.

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by: Mitz

Retirement made me feel O.L.D. While I was working I fooled myself into thinking I was young. I am still coping with this new view of myself.

Possible Solution to Feeling Depressed
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

I went throught this same evolution with my own mother - and once she was in a home, my role shifted to becoming an outsider.

But that wasn't easy either - the facility drugged the patients at 4.00 pm, so that staff could complete their day and go home. But what else could I do for her?

My solution was to develop a totally new and absorbing project that took my mind elsewhere. It's not easy watching a family member approach end-of-life, but death is inevitable.

When my mother was dying, my personal solution was to develop a new business. That took my mind off her.

My wife's solution - when told that she had life-threatening cancer at age 75 - was to enroll as a fresher at a local university.

Now 12 months later, she has become totally absorbed in her degree studies, and (apart from her frequent medical appointments) she has almost forgotten the original prognosis.

I trust this helps ....

Work or retire?
by: Jane Curtis/Hawkins, Texas

You retired and went back to work to overcome depression. If you are working too much.. quit. If you do not need the income quit. Volunteer work is very rewarding, uplifting and you do it when you feel like it.

We all go through some sort of depression (no matter what else is going on in our lives) when we first retire. We feel without work our value is less. You earned the right to retire from work but do not let yourself retire from life.

Find something you want to do and do it. Join a group, learn something new, but don't use work as a distraction. You face depression by working to beat it. You must choose to beat it. It is hard.. we have all been there.

I wrote a blog, "Taking the Tired Out of Retired," I think you may find some answers within it. I know you can do this.

Help is what this web site is all about. Keep reading. You will find the spark you need to find the balance you need. It took me 10 years to get it right.

This website helped me get there. God Bless.

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Please see a doctor. I really dislike to say this to people, but sometimes meds are a necessity.

You have been through a lot -- retirement, caregiver role which is not easy, getting your parent into a new home, then on top of all that, you returned to work!

Just give yourself a break. See a doctor, explain whats happened in the last six years. Let him help you!

Try Meds-- whether you stay at work or not. Maybe, just maybe, getting yourself back in balance will change your whole outlook on life.

p.s. If you really don't want to see a doctor, and I know some people just won't -- stop working. Give yourself a break. Live life again, go to lunch, nap, read a book -- breathe deeply!

Best Wishes!

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