Feeling thirty five in my head but I'm 84 in the body.

by Elna Nugent
(Lenox, MA)

Something seems to happen to people when they reach 80. I had heard this from experts in the geriatric fields and I find it to be true. When my husband died in 2009, my youngest son moved in to help me with everything which was great. But when he finally found an apt. and left I was astonished.

Why did I suddenly feel so peaceful and content and at the same time eager to do all the things I have never gotten to do before.

We are programmed from childhood to get up, go to school, or go to work and always have weekends off. This rhythm stopped for me when I began having four children. Suddenly at age 30. I was a 24-hr-a-day on-call mother who didn't get weekends off and family vacations were often twice the work than if we had stayed home.

When my mother had a stroke she came to live with us. I so enjoyed her but then there were seven of us living here, and I didn't have much chance to ever give a thought to myself.

When I turned 80 I was suddenly alone and the stillness was like a quiet symphony.

I found I could do anything I wanted whenever I wanted to. Good God.I couldn't believe it.

My 3 sons and daughter live nearby with their families and we connect on Facebook and e-mail, see each other weekly and have a lot of fun.

But now I suddenly feel like a child or a teenager again, taking interesting courses and meeting friends for lunch and painting again for exhibits ,playing the piano whenever I want, and constantly researching on the web because I send letters to the editor often.

Daily I feel filled with a trust in the future that is surprisingly strong--even when in late Jan. I recently slipped on the ice and landed on my back and couldn't leave the house for a month- and- a-half. But now I can walk again, don't need pain meds, can take my courses and go to the market.

Today I feel a deep respect for this body that has served me for so many years. I realize I had never thanked it before, just took it for granted.

Now I thank it and honor it almost everyday and so far, cross my fingers, it seems to be offering me health in return.

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my mind is young and body old
by: Sherry, Wilmington, NC

Hi, I have a difficult time sometimes being with older people. I am 65 and I have a young mind.

Sometimes older folks want to talk about their aches and pains. I have good health and my mind is always thinking funny thoughts. I can keep people laughing. I try to be empathic and listen. but it can be difficult.

I always try to think positive, but it is easy to think negative thoughts. Just try?!!!!

Awesome post
by: Janice, missouri

What a great post. Love your upbeat attitude.

What a wonderful and affirming post.
by: Gail, Farmington Hillls Mi

Thanks for sharing your upbeat attitude and positive outlook - it makes a difference.

by: Mary H/Arizona

Kudos to you for recognizing and enjoying your new found freedom. As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait." Enjoy this time of savoring and honoring your self.

by: Lynn

Thank you for your cheerful post. Sometimes I find myself thinking too much in the past because I have regrets on poor life choices. But I also feel young and alive and alert and have plenty of enjoyable activities to do.

So in spite of the fact that better choices might have meant a better today, today is actually mighty delightful.

by: Dean Tennessee

Your post was very encouraging and thought provoking especially for a youngster like me, age 64. Thanks!

35 in head, 84 in body
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

Thank you for being here on the planet, holding a great consciousness of positive blessings, not only for you and your family, but for all of us.

Woo-hoo! You go girl!!!

by: Anonymous

What an inspirational piece! I would love to have your spirit and motivation and I am 68 feeling like 35 but not having a good direction just yet!

So refreshing to read, hope you have many more healthy, happy years.

The Joy of Well Being
by: Nina from London

What a great view of life! Reading it inspired me because I agree that this is a wonderful time for us.

The other day I went with a friend to an art gallery and we talked about this. How wonderful not to worry about your children since they are grown up. Also, there are opportunities to do what you want without compromising...just serendipity.

Take a walk, sleep later, take courses and explore all those things you always wanted to try.

Our lives can be full even if it's just sitting in the garden basking in the sunshine.

Best Wishes, Nina

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