Feeling young when training younger workers...

by John Z

Hi~ I am 54... and I feel young when am doing my work.

The only thing make me feel old is my hair and my diet.

I am very energetic because I follow my daily schedule. From morning to evening, I will not be free.

In the morning, I go walking and then have diet breakfast, then i will go to my factory.

Daily I work 12 Hrs in the factory. I work very hard in my factory. I train the young people who are around 20 to 24. This is the time to learn things for them, we are in the position of teaching them.

We should guide them in a correct path, this makes them to lead their life in a bright path.

This is the age to give our responsibility to the upcoming generation, and we should guide them in a good path that they can achieve the correct goals.

This helps to build up our company economy and also our country economy.

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