Fighting Depression in Retirement By Remaining Motivated and Inspired

I retired one year ago and I found myself rather lost at first--kind of like a fish out of water.

I have done over the course of a year several things I think might help others:

1. I created, with the help of friends, a nonprofit group so that we can give back to the community with annual leadership conferences for young people. We are seeking grants to assist, but we are committed to doing this project even if we don't get outside funding.

2. I started a business (a floral shop) that helps me fill a part of my day. It's slowly getting off the ground.
I love the flowers and I enjoy sending them out of the shop.

3. I go to breakfast every morning at McDonald's with my husband. We go through the drive through and drink our coffee very leisurely (talking over positive things about our lives); and of course, this always includes our two year old grandson.

4. I go to church every Sunday and I talk to my best friends who are also retired on the telephone. I actively seek to avoid television. We meet for lunch about once a month.

5. I e-mail words of encouragement to my children and a couple of best friends every week or so. It's my moment to journal and to give my two cents about staying motivated and inspired.

6. Finally I read the Bible as a source of comfort and inspiration. I use my faith to deal with depression and loneliness.

It's working.....

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Forced to Retire
by: Barry

I was forced to retire from my job of 15 yrs, and the adjustment has not been easy. I am single, but I am a care giver to my 92 yr old Mother, so getting out is next to impossible due to her medical requirements.

I have applied to so many jobs that I lost count, but they see my age (63) and my experience and they pass me by for a younger candidate...

I am happy that YOU are able to get out and enjoy your retirement.

Wendy: Barry, YOU are the perfect candidate for a Home Business Online. You have experience and knowledge, you work from home on your own terms, and income is always a great thing too!

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