Filling Retirement Time

by Sandy Clarke
(Freeland Washington- Whidbey Island Wa.)

I am a rubber stamper, belong to a group that meets at our local craft store every Friday and then we do lunch. We make sympathy cards for our local hospital and I seemed to get roped into doing some decorating for My Ryther Guild and our local Rod and Gun Clun for special events, I knit and read and embroider --visit with friends...
The Ryther Guild is a group that helps troubled children very worthwhile.

I Get to spoil my grandchildren... My hubby and I have a 25 foot 5th wheel we do some summer traveling, fishing, etc. I have never been a person who has time to be bored. I worked as a Para legal for years, and raised my daughters and still made time for hobbies......

I think if you couldn't figure out what to do with your life before retirement it would be really hard to find something of interest after you retire... Sandy Clarke

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by: Jackie Barlow

Sandy Clarke, so glad to find you here!!!

We have known each other for years and are in an online rubber stamping group together -- unfortunately, it isn't very active. But we try to keep in touch.

I do love seeing homemade cards and how much can be done by rubber stamping, stickers, embellishments, etc. You have sent me some very pretty ones, and they are much appreciated.

It is wonderful that you have always kept busy with hobbies (me, too!!), and that does indeed give us things to do in our retirement years.

Got Something To Do?
by: Dean

Sandy, I agree with you 100% and it is excellent information for someone who has yet to retire.

If your job is virtually your life you may be better off not retiring. If that's the case but you want to retire you better figure out how you are going to spend your time.

Complete idleness can be debilitating both mentally and physically.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Enjoyed your article, loved your last paragraph. How right r u ~ Sandy, u sound like a woman who likes to keep in the loop so to speak, it is great to read positive notes from retired females, what they do on a weekly basis ~ from grandchildren to crafts to meeting friends for lunch etc.

Kudos to u & all your female friends~ continue with exactly what u r doing with your retirement, that's awesome~~ Regards

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