Finally Happy in Retirement

by AMV

Since retiring in 2015, I have been a very unhappy man.

Not knowing what to do, then finding things to do, and then not enjoying whatever I did...until I found the answer through a Google search using keywords - on a hunch!

The answer is: DO NOTHING.

So, even if you are retired and doing things you think you are enjoying, give this alternative a shot!

Happy retirement...

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Finally Happy In Retirement Doing NOTHING?
by: Ken San Diego

Great post AMV!

I like doing NOTHING, because when I was working, I always had to do SOMETHING, and be SOMEWHERE, and listen to SOMEONE. Now I like the serenity of ...?? DOING NOTHING!

Happy Retirement
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MAour Name/Location

/Dear Happy,

Everyone of us is made differently. In my case I was blessed and cursed with an intensely curious mind. I am sometime floored that I was lucky enough to be living in this computer age where I can look up a person or anything that intrigues me and learn all I could about it. ...ending up fascinated beyond belief.

The encyclopedias are no longer as usable in this new age of discovery. They are largely outdated .I go to one class every week run by OLLI ( Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) There is one in every state. The teachers are retired people from colleges.

They even have lessons on kayaking and best places to hike and outdoor it. But doing nothing but be amazed at what you already have works as well. Best to you.

Finally Happy in Retirement
by: Sherry/ NC

Hi Joe W., "doing nothing" can be productive. You can take time to meditate. Listen to God he will speak to you if you just listen and tell you his plans for your life and you can go from there!!!!

Finally Happy in Retirement
by: Sherry/NC

Hi, you are very smart!!! We do need down time when we initially retire!! We need to "take a deep breath, maybe more than one), relax and contemplate on our life and think about what we really
want to do with the rest of our life!!!

When I first retired I cleaned out my attic. Boy, I felt productive and really good about that!! Then I continued to take a few days off. I went from there and said to myself I need to through my papers
and organizing shredding. Boy, I feel good, all done!!!

After that I took a day trip, really enjoyed. In other words when you initially retire maybe you want to take a month or two an just relax do NOTHING!!

In the future you can do things you have been
wanting to get done and then just go from there. Then there are things I really enjoy doing; cleaning my patio and planting pots of flowers and setting up my patio furniture. I have squirrel and bird feeders. Love, love, love nature.

There is much in life to enjoy; go find it!!!

Do nothing...sometimes
by: June in Wisconsin

I retired in 2013. My work had been what defined me. For two years I had my mom with me and we had some adventures and each other's company. I lost Mom last summer and so now going it alone.

I have a big house and try to garden 3 acres. Some days I give myself permission to do nothing. It feels good to read a book or walk outdoors and forget the to do list. I enjoy lunch with friends most weeks and enjoy watching the Milwaukee Brewers.

I never was one for asking myself how I was doing. Keeping busy and connected with friends keeps me moving forward. Have not decided where to volunteer yet. That day will come, but first I am sprucing things up that were left undone while I worked.

Retired for almost 1-1/2 years
by: Joan @ Newport, RI

Yes, I agree. As a retired RN, it is OK to "do nothing."

I had the opportunity to go to a psychologist lecture on Wellness-when I dig up his name, will let you know-that relaxing and doing nothing is equated with wellness.

It's finally fine to stop and smell those roses! However, don't let this do nothing phase turn into depression; as long as you are happy and joyful.

I know I am never going back to work. I enjoy the beaches in the summertime and the tourist activities all year long. There is no thinking about that dreaded going back to work on Monday, to ruin your Sunday!

Yes, I would agree it's just great to be able to read, walk, cook healthy meals, sit on the beach, sit outdoors in my yard and watch the birds & squirrels, take care of my home, meet with friends for lunch, and maybe volunteer when I've retired for a full 2 years.

For me, I need my downtime and freedom first.

Do Nothing
by: Joe W.

I haven't seen anybody yet with the 'Do Nothing' alternative who is happy at the same time. It's also a waste of a precious life that was given to you to live life to the fullest and help others that need your active participation.

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