Finally Retired after 48 Years: Will I be a Hermit?

by CeeCee, Los Angeles

Wow - am I glad I found this site!! After running my own retail and music lesson business for 48 years, I finally did it. I retired in November 2019.

It was an arduous process for me as I had to sell the commercial,building my business was in, So I could afford retirement. It took two years and nine escrows.

I feel absolutely depleted and sigh and smile many times a day and savor the free moments.

BUT???? I do sleep at least 10 hours a day also. I go out with friends, but it drains me but sometimes I go into a fatiguing asthma attack.

So I puts around my beautiful home, enjoy the pool and my gorgeous backyard. I read, research many topics online, ROKU to death, watch Turner Classic movies, Hallmark channel and Murder She Wrote and do little cleanup and organization around the house. I do one drawer a day for example, or one pile of paperwork.

I make sure I go thru the mail everyday. This gives me instant gratification. I keep my house relatively clean because I can't deal with clutter.

I say NO to a lot of social gatherings because I'd much rather stay at home. I only go to the grocery store about once a week and do a lot of online ordering when I need something. I will talk on the phone more than Just texting as I find it keeps my mood up.

My worry is that I will turn into a hermit. So, love reading this blog and finding others going thru this.

I walk briskly every single night as a must and around my pool every day. I have to exercise to stay sane.

My friends have also told me that it takes a good year to stabilize. So, I will continue to take care of me, do only what I want, avoid stress as much as I can and ROKU !!!

I won't worry about it anymore.

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Hermit Required For Gig
by: Anonymous

WOW, 48 years in the retail and music lessons business is a great accomplishment! In retirement you call the shots. Besides giving music lessons do you play a musical instrument or sing yourself?

It's time to let go and just let it happen. Don't die with the music still inside you. See you on YouTube!

Joe W.

Will I Be A Hermit?
by: Patricia Murphy/SW Michigan

Don't sweat it. You won't be any more of a hermit than you want to be.

It does take a little time to get over the 'guilt' feeling of not having to get up, get out, and do something specific every single day. After all, look at how many years that was the routine. But before too long, you're going to start feeling such a relief, so much joy of being able to do what you want, not do what you don't and calling the shots on your own time.

Personally, although I have a grand time when I'm out for lunch or breakfast with friends, enjoy the laughs and the company, for the most part I am SO happy to stay in my own little nest.

I read, watch TV, craft, play on the computer, take pictures of the weather, clean my house every week, continue to weed out 'stuff' and donate to GoodWill...I'm as busy as I want to be and if I get a day when I seem depleted of energy, I spend it reading in a good rocker recliner and munching on whatever sounds good for the day. And LOVE being able to do that.

Don't worry. Be a hermit or don't. All up to you. YOU call the shots now.

But in the meantime, enjoy the opportunity to do it all as you like it. I know I sure do.

by: Carol, Canada

It's been one year for me and I have become a hermit. I wasn't that social to begin with, only hang out with my husband or family.

I also sleep a lot, too much. 9 hours a night and then a 2 hour nap. Not sure if I will stay like this or not. I sometimes make plans with friends, then cancel. Too lazy to get in my car and drive there. Scared I might miss my nap, ha, ha.

My sisters are retired and they are having the time of their lives. Lots of social life and visiting. Not me. And they do not take naps like me and one sister is older. But she does sleep in until 10 whereas I get up at 7.

I walk my dog, bake, clean the house and that's it.

My husband has suggested we go hiking this week and I can't seem to get excited over that even. We used to hike 2 or 3 times a week and this was when we worked.

What happened?

Land of Steady Habits
by: Slow change/New England

That's what we call our state in CT and it sounds like you are successfully making a slow, but steady adjustment. That is perfect!

Take your time; no rushing to relax. At least that didn't work at all for me. Now almost 3 years into retirement, I am finally getting settled in myself. I have yet to devote a lot of time to one singe volunteer job, but have a "toe in the water" of a couple.

And best of all, I have learned to recognize in myself when I need to say No Thank you" to opportunities when I really don't want to do them.

That was the hardest part for me.

You are doing very well! Keep on observing your habits so they don't get out of control and you will adjust even more.

Good work!

retirement on line
by: mildred/tn

To me u have adjusted very well, nothing wrong w/ 10 hr sleeping nights an I find time to get a little nap in each evening, I I also order on line my groceries once a month, and my Christmas presents.

The most wonderful thing is I am learning something new each and every day, Just ordered all my family and grand daughter a taser for protection, I have been retired for 25 years and have not been bored yet, Always something to do and learn!

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