Finding Hidden Money

by Wendy

IF you are skeptical about finding hidden money, read on...

I was watching Suze Orman's The Money Class on the OWN TV Network in 2012, and it was great.

She talks about getting in control of your money -- get rid of debt, raise your FICO score, etc. This financial reflection shines back on you and lights you up, you can be who you really are!

Find Hidden Money Online

The book author being interviewed used or website, found money from her deceased father... and became obsessed. She even found Suze Orman some missing money.

The money YOU might have lost comes from bank accounts, employers, anything financial -- when you've moved, they lost contact and don't bother trying to find you. They simply send the funds to the government.

What happens if you don't claim the lost money? It gets turned over to the State. Yikes! It's YOUR money that you really lost!

On the show, they found money for several folks viewing the show... all were shocked to hear they had missing money out there.

The The Little Book of Missing Money: A Quick and Easy Guide to Finding Money that is Rightfully Yours tells you how to find lost money, written by the gal who found Suze's money!

If you find some missing money, please send me an email! I'd love to hear about it!

Best Wishes!

Comments for Finding Hidden Money

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Hi Wendy!
by: The Missing Money Lady

Yes, Wendy, I'm Mary Pitman.

I subscribe to Google Alerts for missing money and unclaimed property so when something comes up on the Web about either topic, I get alerted.
I filter out the really important stuff and post it on my Facebook page (missingmoneybook) and Tweet it (MaryFindsMoney).

I'm honored by your unsolicited kindness. That's always the best kind.

I hope the tips help your readers. That's the whole purpose in sharing them. If you ever have a question that I can answer, please don't hesitate to ask me.

More MIssing Money Tips (for deceasedf family)
by: The Missing Money Lady

Thanks for mentioning my book on your Web site, The Little Book of Missing Money: A Quick and Easy Guide to Finding Money that is Rightfully Yours. The least I can do is share a search tip from the book with you and your readers.

One thing I found as I was searching for people to bring on Suze's show is that there are a lot of dead people with large missing money listings.
So I encourage you to search for your deceased relatives. That's what the search tips are about.

Where it asks for the Last Name, try all of these:
Estate of
The Estate of
Est of
The Est of

Don't add a name to begin with because there are some listings with just these terms with an address, city and state. Once you check those, add your loved one's first name.

In California, this tip will bring up more than 16,100 listings that would otherwise never ever be found by entering the last name, first name. In NY it brings up almost 4,000 listings.

Try it in the states your family lived in.

Happy treasure hunting!

Wendy: I am so honored that you are adding another tip of the page! I assume you are Mary Pitman, right?

I do hope everyone reads this one as this is so important. What a wonderful tip! I searched for my own father's accounts, years ago after he died, but only in his own name, never using the "estate" labels first.

This makes so much sense as we would have issued checks to the estate when I worked, just never ever considered searching that way!

Thank you so very much!

I hope you book sells well AND finds people loads of money too! I know it will!

Found Money - Life Insurance
by: Barbara G

About 'unclaimed money'. I have a daughter in NH who saw my name in a paper or online and told me about it. I looked into it and found my mother had started a life ins. policy for me when I was 5. It was still good!

I had the choice of cashing it in or letting it continue until I die and it would go to my daughters or whoever I agreed to. There was also dividends so in all I came out almost $3000 richer after cashing in the policy. It only cost my mother about 25 cents a week if I recall correctly. This was in the last 6 months that I collected the money. Of course I was delighted.

I caution anyone looking for unclaimed money not to send any for info. It should be free except for doing the necessary paperwork that might be required after contacting the treasury department.

Wendy Good Catch, Barbara! Some people will try to sell you the information.. and you pay them to file for you. There is no need to do that, just look at the two sites online -- enter your info (maybe your own family info too) and see if you can find someone some "found money"!

Bottom Line: It's FREE... just complete paperwork with the Treasury Dept and done!

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