Finding new hobbies and creativity and inspiration and new passions in a nursing home at 68.

by Dee Alter
(Bronx, N.Y.)

I thought I would be unhappy having to change my life leaving my wonderful, historic home in a village filled with all my passions and my dream jobs. But I've enthusiastically found alternatives here at the tender yet energetic and alert age of 68.

I just came from an awe-inspiring piano and singing concert that tapped into all my emotions and memories. I clapped and yelled with all my might.

I still shop for beautiful decorations for my room from catalogs (that sell inexpensive decor) and vendors that sell pictures, collectibles, porcelain dolls that I collect, and yesterday (Aug. 11) I bought for $10 a flower-designed, folk art shelf for everything I love.

And, to cheer up my small room, I found a quilt for $25 with a light, white background with a floral design. Looking through the catalogs is a joy and a treasure trove, almost like a thrift shop.

I'm also a reader (having worked in a library) and get books through the mail from the local library, as well as a catalog selling discount books on subjects that stimulate your interests and introduce new ones.

I've never indulged in art and still can't paint, but the art teacher geared my skill (untapped before) with color, images I print out on the computer of all my passions: animals, Victorian women, art, quotes, ideas,etc. to put in a spiral-bound journal which has become part of my life.

I excercise by wlking around a long path surrounded by a great lawn and sculptures and the Hudson River.

Everyday I'm surprised by people of advanced ages (90's to over 100) who are intelligent, creative, read, learn, and remember.

My sister bought me a cd player and I listen to music wich relaxes me and affects my mood and memory. I get them free from the music therapist.

I'd love to hear your story, what keeps you going, hobbies, passions, philosophy of life.

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by: Loyce!

I constructed a book exchange in front of my home where "invisible" people/neighbors take/donate books and I continue to restock, purchasing the books from a resource that donates the purchase $ for the care of needy horses--a win/win all around.

I golf/exercise regularly; maintain my house and my one acre; meet up occasionally with friends and poke around on Facebook and research a bit on the 'net.

I constantly seek out new endeavors/peeps and consider myself to be in transition with my ups/downs. I have parrots/finches in an outdoor aviary and care for Schnoodle dog Hanz.

I am awaiting some interesting peeps I might invite on my local cable access TV program--always in the moment but scanning the future horizons.

by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

It is so wonderful that you can take something that could have caused you to give up and instead you have created new ways to find joy each day. You are an awesome and strong lady and as the only saying goes and I have done it myself many times in different ways. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"

May God continue to bless you and your efforts I am sure you are a joy to those who share your space in that nursing home with you positive outlook, keep it up.

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