Fired under Shady Circumstances...

by Walt

Hello Wendy, Your site was a sign and a true blessing.

I was fired (shady reasons) then oddly told at end of termination I could take early retirement? They sent me a statement of a retiree medical account listing a balance over $70, 000 dollars. I don't understand it, wouldn't medicade help me and my family more as I wouldn't pay for that? I am lost, and don't trust getting advice from them. Any idea who I can speak to to explain?

Thank You Very Much. I am lost with a family to take care of.

Wendy: There are often "shady reasons" when people retire... not always voluntary although many won't admit it.

What kind of work did you do? Have you decided to retire and not seek other employment - heck you could have another ten years out there, if you cared to. I retired at 55... but you don't have to.

Go to UNEMPLOYMENT immediately, at least get that rolling while you consider your options, right? Immediate income is first.

Does the early retirement include a PENSION? (either an account or monthly payments)?

$70,000 is nice... Medicare will cover you and the wife, at age 65 -- but you have 10+ years before you get there.... and Medicare isn't full coverage, you need supplemental health care too. This is really expensive. Don't take it yet, until you have this figured out.

I am adding this to my site so that others can comment... hope you find the answers you seek.

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Shady Circumstances
by: Brenda

I did not see where Walt gave his age as 55. Maybe this was left out to make the article fit the available space.

Definitely do not trust your former employer. There are people (attorneys) and organizations that help you traverse the legalities of retirement. Avail yourself of their services.

Do research, the internet is helpful, but don't trust without having the facts.

Good luck!

by: NEAL

"you need supplemental health care too. This is really expensive. -"
So true,but you do have an alternative choice - check out Ecuador or Panama medical system.
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