fires in Portland

by natasha
(portland, or, us)

Well, as I sit here, I see ashes falling from the sky. Unfortunately, my windows were open when it started, and our side door had broken off the hinges, so every inch of my home is covered in grit.

Right before that two huge limbs had fallen off a neighbor's pine tree, far away from their home because they have a double lot, but 5 feet from my home. Dry pine needles are thick and go up right to my home, like I am trying to turn my home into a campfire.

I filled about 3 trash cans with them, but they continuously come down. Then my x sister in law's husband died, so I am flying out East for the funeral. All I need to deal with is 3 stories of grit all over everything, including my clothes, mini blinds, etc, and avoiding covid.

That is not nearly as bad as others are dealing with. The Portland rioters have had the decency not to set fires while the wildfires burn and we stand in ready to evacuate. At least I think they have had the decency. Either that or they contributed to the fires. It doesn't matter if I know.

Because of the trip to the funeral, I returned my 10 foster puppies at age 5 weeks, and their mommy. My own doggie is coughing. We made an indoor filter from furnace filters and a fan. We taped the furnace filters to the fan.

Because of the trip to the funeral, I will not be taking care of my friend with pancreatic cancer until I quarantine for 2 weeks after I return from the trip, so that makes 3 weeks total. I have been helping her out for a year now. Her next scan will be while I am gone, and will show any changes in her tumors.

So, all in all, I am blessed. A roof over my head, an air filter on my fan, and tickets to a funeral where I will see my two sons who I have not seen in a year, and also one newly married grandson, and one 9 year old grandson.

It was a sudden death, 3 days after a prostate biopsy.

That's all she wrote.

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I am so sorry of your ongoing dilemmas.
by: Deborah Brown/Ontario Canada

Life is genuinely hard now. We must look at the little things to thank God for. I have heard it causes more blessings to be drawn to you. Certainly works for me. Negative draws more negative to you

I am so sorry
by: Jane Curtis/Texas

I feel your pain. I have stood in the front yard and watched as the fire department tried to put out the fire turning our house into ashes.

All I carried out was my critters. It is devastating emotionally. Going to a friends aid when you do not know if they will live is heart breaking. Going to a funeral of a family member is a soul searching trip. Dealing with all three may seem unsurmountable, but you will survive this when you realize you are not alone.

I send my prayers for all of God's blessings for you to be seen soon. If you need to celebrate God's new angels do so with love in your heart. They get to take the love with them.

God bless you. You are in my thoughts.

Sending prayers
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

So much destruction with all the fires out west!
So much death and illness with Covid!
So much rioting, hurting cities nationwide!
So much grief, hurt, helplessness, loneliness...

Sending prayers to all.

2021 Brings HOPE!

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