First Time Snowbirds

by Barbara
(Mandarin, FL)

My husband and I are newly retired from CT who rented a condo in the Mandarin, Jacksonville area of FL. We ended up here when my son was living and working here but has since moved back to CT.

The long snowy cold winters of New England with ice dammed roofs causing ceiling leaks frozen pipes back breaking snow shoveling cancelled plans made up our mind to sell the family home and share our time between FL and CT.

Since this is our first year we are still finding different things to do and see. We go down to Jacksonville Beach about once a week to walk the beach, have lunch, shop and just relax.

We've gone down to St Augustine to walk around the shops and site see.

We go to the gym every morning to exercise and we have hooked up with a church here in the area and have already done some volunteering which we both love to do and meet people.

We would love to hook up with other Jacksonville Area snowbirds that may wish to get together for an occasional dinner out or to join us in exploring other places to see in the area.

My husband and I are both in our 60's who've had great careers in public safety and health care.

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Life in "The Villages"
by: Barbara Jacksonville, FL

You can rent here in "The Villages"...

Hope you will come for a visit soon!

Hi Goldie
by: Barbara Jacksonville

Thank you for responding to my post. My husband and I had gotten info on the Villages years ago but forget what the housing is.

We just sold our home in CT and would prefer to just rent and not buy another house but I think you have to buy in The Villages, right?

Can you briefly explain how the housing works? You buy or build a place and pay the mortgage then pay another fee to the Villages? I did go on the website but they don't give that kind of info.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.


We just moved to Florida and live in "The Villages" - 55 miles North of Orlando. It's wonderful. Retirees everywhere and so many nice people from all over the country...especially snowbirds. Being here is like having a state just for seniors. Welcome to Florida!

by: Wendy


I cannot publish your email address publicly... but join the Retirement community (right column) and search MEMBERS tab to find people nearby.

Also, you might try and search your zip codes to see what groups are already out there. Might find one perfect to meet new friends!


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