Five years in and still going strong

by Nui Loa

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since I pulled the plug.

In that time, I've become a snowbird, alternating between Texas and Arizona. My 2 sisters also retired and bought an RV together, so we "convoy". One of our brothers also bought an RV and will be joining us this summer. At the rate we're going, we're going to need our own park soon.

Amazingly, I still miss work but it's mostly the intellectual stimulation. In 5 years, I still haven't fixed on a routine - so I'm thinking that will never happen.

I've learned to play shuffleboard, beading, kayaking, line dancing, bowling, dozens of card games and I've also learned to shoot a gun. The only volunteering I've done is to teach hula dancing - just for something to do.

Strangely enough, I miss travelling so this year I'll be heading out on an assortment of trips to Viet Nam, Thailand and possibly Europe and Africa. Too much to do....too little time.

My advice to anyone out there who is thinking about retiring early.... DO IT! It is so worth it!

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Thanks John
by: Anonymous

Good for you, John. I don't blame you for getting out early - there's so much to do out there. Enjoy the travel!!!

Re: Living the Dream
by: John

It's been two years for me retiring early at 62. I have never missed it for a single day. I had a high pressure job (VP of Sales) and traveled extensively. Sounds glamorous but I hated it. I love to travel and do so now, but now its for me and not business.

It sounds like your doing all the right things by trying numerous new outlets, so good luck and continued success.

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