Florida Communities

by Doris

Moved from NY to SC - had difficulty adjusting to the south and making friends. Stayed for four years.

Picked up, drove cross country and moved to a beautiful area in Northern California in an over 55 community. It’s ok - beautiful country with great weather.

Might be difficult to afford in a few years as I still do work for my old job. Once that is over I will look for another place to move to.

Am considering Sarasota Florida or another over 55 community. That is after I am finished exploring the Pacific Northwest.

I have never been this unhappy and despondent in my life. Have always been able to save myself but can’t seem to evolve happily.

Aside from these issues I would like to hear from others who have relocated to Florida communities. I would like to hear from those who have moved to mobile home communities and not the higher end expensive communities.

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