Florida: How hot is it?

by DaveinCalif

I would be interested in hearing from retirees their personal feelings about retiring in Florida.

Just mention Florida to anyone, and you can almost know their next comment will be, “But it’s so hot and humid in Florida”. I am considering relocating from Calif to the Gulf Coast of Fla,, … Clearwater Area.

The weather climate in Cal is beautiful. But the political climate has become putrid. I am in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco bay area which is being over run by young wealthy, technical and social media type people. If you’re at all following the national news, you have no doubt heard of the censorship called "shadow banning", that is common place within these social media (actually anti-social) companies. And the violence that has occurred at “the birthplace of the free speech movement”, Berkley, when someone dared to speak out with an opposing point of view. Well, that same mindset and intolerance is permeating the entire coastal areas of Calif. And is not socially or economically retirement friendly. Not to mention the “sanctuary state” thing.

So I would like to hear from anyone who is currently living in Fla, or those who have left there. What is the good and bad about it?

  • The weather, (how hot is it?), social scene for seniors, health care, economy, … etc.

  • I know that housing prices there are unbelievably low compared to here. And many other cost of living expenses.

    I am planning to visit of course. And I actually was stationed in that area for two years in the mid ‘60s. But I was 18-19 y/o and had a completely different perspective on life then.


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    by: Goldie

    Hi Dave,
    Did you decide to move from California to Florida? I am unable to tell the date the post was submitted.

    It's Worth It
    by: Margaret / Tampa

    I grew up in Palo Alto, but it was different then. I've lived in FL for the past 20 years and love it. Like others have said, it's hot, but Oct to May makes it all worthwhile. I live in Tampa and find it to be a nice multi-cultural city with lots to do. My favorite time for vacation is September - going somewhere north!.

    I love it here in Venice, Florida
    by: Anonymous

    I retired to Venice 2 years ago. I am now 52.

    Yes, it is hot and humid from mid-May to October. You compromise by doing outdoor activities in the early morning or in the late evening. October to mid-May are absolutely beautiful with temperatures in the mid 70's to low 80's and very comfortable humidity levels.

    Florida has no state income tax. Home prices vary depending on the type of home you are looking for, and the location.

    Please consider moving to Venice, Florida. We have a large senior population, and a variety of homes at different price points. And, of course, you will enjoy our abundant sunshine and beautiful beaches. And, the possibility for endless outdoor activities including walking, biking, golf, tennis, and swimming. There are art shows, classic car shows, concerts in the park, yoga on the beach, museums.

    There is something here for everyone. After a 28 year career as a CPA, I retired here and became a REALTOR®. Let me know how I can be of assistance to you.

    Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®
    Century 21 Almar & Associates
    100 West Venice Avenue
    Venice, Florida

    by: DaveinCalif

    Thank you for the first hand information.

    by: BARB


    I come from California and have experienced are manageable thanks to air conditioning. Don't let it stop you from visiting. Lots of seniors here are enjoying a wonderful lifestyle called retirement!

    Florida since 1990
    by: Ron H, FL

    I moved to Florida in 1990, retired 3X since my retirement was official (@ 65 year) 12 years ago. Yep I’m now 77, where does the time go?

    Anyway, it’s hot in the summer but we all find our ways to adapt. I think it’s easier than adapting to the weather up North. Besides, and here is the biggie for me, areas of Florida are created for those of us who leave the "normal workforce."

    Most accommodations for "older" people are here. Life's daily routine is eased by all the accommodations of the Community. I’m not talking about ALF’s, just everything from shopping, restaurants, social activities, Doctors & hospitals which become more important as we age.

    Getting old sucks but it seems easier down here!

    Thanks for your blog, Ron

    How hot is Florida?
    by: St. AUGUSTINE, Barbara

    Gulf Coast is the hottest.
    East coast is cooler.
    Beware of buying in a low area.

    Love living in Florida
    by: Jerry

    I loved living in Florida and would still be there if my wife hadn't wanted to move.

    It is hot and humid especially in the summer. But in the summer it rains about everyday so that tends to cool off the temperature but builds the humidity.

    Ever since my open heart surgery, I have had problems with being cold so I got along great in Florida.


    Oh, it's hot
    by: Laura in Vermont

    Hi Dave,

    My father lived in Florida for 50 years and all it's done over that time is get hotter, grow in population, and lose groundwater. Those sinkholes you hear about are real and there are more and more of them. But they don't seem to affect Pinellas County as much as Hillsborough and Polk Counties, where he lived.

    The loss of groundwater means the eventual depletion of potable water. In some areas the sea is encroaching where drinking water is being pulled out of the ground.

    Florida and Georgia are in legal conflict over river water rights in the north.

    The state is more crowded than in the '60s and '70s of our youth. Also it's worth noting that the citrus industry is getting smaller and the cattle industry is filling in.

    Politically the state is red, though there is a corridor through Central Florida that runs a little bluer.

    And yes, it's getting hotter and no less humid. Mostly that means fewer cooler days in the winter and slightly hotter in summer, with stronger storms.

    Why not stream news and weather from WFLA, based in Pinellas County, for a while to get a feel for the area you're interested in. You'll find them at WFLA.com. Pinellas County was always one of my favorite areas, along with Sarasota.

    Best of luck to you!

    Central Florida
    by: Mary

    I live in central Fl. and yes it does get hot but you adjust. I'm sitting outside right now and it's lovely and slightly cool with a breeze. In the summer there's AC and getting in my pool.

    I love being able to wear capris and sandals year round and only an occasional sweater in winter.

    Lots of retired people here, lots of golf and eating out. While not as pretty to me as other parts of the country, it is the weather that is the draw for me. No more snow, freezing temps and icy roads. And yes the housing is extremely economical and there is no state tax.

    Politically it is more conservative and religious, which for me is the only thing I wish was different. People here from all over the country. Plenty of volunteer opportunities as well. Friendly people too.

    Many times in the summer it's hotter in other places than here, but the humidity can make it feel hotter. Your body adjusts.

    by: Sherry Stewart

    I know folks who live there in the WINTER and go north to live in the warmer months, but some say it is hot and humid all year round in Florida. The southern U.S. are humid all states. It is a tropical
    climate with bugs.

    There is a big retirement community there. The Villages, you might want to check that community out.

    Florida is Awesome
    by: M.H., Fort Lauderdale, FLYour Name/Location

    I have lived in Florida for 30 years, moved here from Kentucky, went to work for feds, retired last year. I consider it one of the wisest decisions I ever made.

    I am an outdoor person so really love living on the coast. Here we feel housing is expensive particularly in South Florida but probably not compared to CA.

    Where we are has excellent medical facilities as well as numerous senior communities and activities even if you don’t live in a senior community which we don’t.

    The cosmopolitan atmosphere is a draw, meeting people from all over the world. Excellent restaurants galore mostly fairly reasonable.

    For the cons: property insurance now costs us more than when we had a house payment, we’ve not had serious damage from hurricanes but we have had our share.

    For the weather, we live here for the winters which we are now enjoying right now with going to the beach as often as possible. We live 15miles inland. As for,the,summers, they are every bit as brutal as they say, I guess that is the biggest con but winters make it worth it.

    The coast you’re considering is less traffic and more laid back but with all the amenities. I visit there quite often as my daughter lives there and likes it. For retirement I think the the Clearwater area would be a good choice.

    Dave in Calif
    by: Betty/Archer Florida

    I live in North Florida, Gainewsville (gator country) It's a little cooler here about 2 to 5 degrees cooler. Not much cooler. I lived in Tampa many years ago and I know it gets really hot there.

    Cool off in a nice swimming pool. St Petersburg is known for many retiree destination.

    I have been listening to talks on San Francisco overrun with Homeless people and what they do to door steps and streets. It's sickening. What's so disgusting is that nothings being done about it., according to what I hear.

    I've heard Ocala is another area where some retirees
    have settled, which is known as Horse Country.

    Good luck.

    by: Anonymous

    If you don't care about having an ocean near-by, maybe you might want to visit Tucson or Green Valley, AZ. It is very hot in the summer months, but there are air conditioners and pools. The rest of the year is fabulous. Green Valley, south of Tucson, is a retirement community.

    by: Barbara/The Villages, Florida


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    Barbara - "The Good Witch" in Florida

    by: Barbara/The Villages, Florida

    I am a native Californian and have no trouble with the Florida heat. We have lots of air conditioning and pools to cool off in the summer.

    Give it a try. It's a great place for retirees!


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