Florida snowbirds... I don't really care for them.

by Dave

I guess I am biased, but I am strengthened by the knowledge that I voice the opinion of many...

Every year, there comes a time after the hurricane season when life is slow and quiet. The tension of watching out for hurricanes is gone, and the cooler temperatures make going outside more pleasant.

Then, one day, during the drive to work it happens. I spot a slow-driving, old Buick in the fast lane. It holds up the traffic and other drivers are aggressively overtaking it on the right.

Once I catch up, I see the silver hair just above the back of the chair (the car won't have headrests). And then it hits me: The best time of the year is over!

No more peace and quiet.

My favorite stores will be taken over by Snowbirds. The Starbucks will be filled with New York accents and rudeness. Car parks will be filled with Canadian license plates. The restaurants will be busy and will require reservations.

I've had the thought that maybe I should spend winter elsewhere, somewhere up north. But that would defeat the purpose of living here, in Florida.

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Benefits of having snowbirds
by: Anonymous

My husband and I spend 6-8 months a year in FL, and I guess we are snowbirds. We have heard people complain about snowbirds, but just think of the benefits. You might not have that Starbucks or many of your other restaurants and stores if they had to depend just on the full time residents.

Snowbirds who own real estate pay taxes usually without the benefit of homesteading and yet do not have children in the school system, put much less pressure on the infrastructure since they are there only 6 months more or less, and almost always are responsible, non-litering, law abiding, folks. You won't see them staggering drunk on the beaches and making a lot of noise.

Landlords who rent to snowbirds are required to pay a 10% bed tax, which pays for renourishing the beaches that benefit everyone.

As far as slow driving old people, there are plenty of full time residents who fall into that category too.

In short, snowbirds greatly subsidize the lives of the full-time residents, so think again the next time you grumble please.

Thank you for considering another point of view.

Wendy: Great Points!!

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