Florida's east coast, Sebastian

by Pat
(New York)

We are snowbirds near Sebastian, Fl, on the East Coast and staying here in Jan/Feb. We are renting in a manufactured home community.

The reason we picked Florida: My husband thought it would be warm here. He wanted to get away for the cold and snow. The cold weather here has been a real "negative".

The people seem very friendly, there are plenty of things to do in this community.

This coast seems pretty quiet compared to the Gulf Coast. We took a trip over to the west coast... lost more traffic.

In Florida, a typical day is:

-- Get up around 8:30.

-- My husband works out 3 -times a week. I go to Yoga at least once a week.

-- Walk the dog, found a great doggie park.

-- Sightseeing, out to lunch, dinner at different places.

-- Golf

-- Visit friends who live down here or friends who are snowbirds.

-- Sometimes "happy hour"...

Because of the unusual cold and wind.... doing things outside isn't always fun.

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