Flu Report 2022

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Last week, both Terry and I were sick with the flu.

We had major headaches and body aches, coughs, stuffy noses, fatigue, no appetite, and more. It sounds like COVID, but we both were negative (over and over). It was WORSE than my experience with COVID six weeks before... I was SICK.

I imagine by immune system was down a bit due to COVID earlier.

Bottom Line: I hope nobody else out there gets what we had as it certainly took us down for a whole week. We are still coughing, taking naps, and generally recovering.

p.s. My doc told me years ago, I probably shouldn't take the vaccine for flu. WHY? Because I often react oddly to anything, allergies galore, etc. BUT after this bout with it, I will never go without it again!

Anyone else sick this Holiday Season?

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Feel better
by: Anonymous

Wendy, I have never posted or replied, only read. But, I only wish good health for you and your husband. You do so much for us. We appreciate you! Linda

by: Loyce, California

It's cold and humidity almost 100% causing low energy, resperitory challenges. I eat fruits and veggies, exercise and take natural allergens to strengthen my immunity. I surround myself with pets and POSITIVITY, nestle in my home and dine/ shop/socialize LOCALLY, saving time/energy/$.

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