For My dad who suffers from severe MS

by Anthony Cummings

I am writing this for my father and my mother.

Starting with my mother who remarried in 2007 to her high school sweet heart. It's was great! Mom was happy.

Shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I quit my job and left my girl to go help my mother and my step dad who worked 10, 11 hour shifts at the prison.

After my mother makes a full recovery, my father is diagnosed with severe MS. So I stay another year. Within that one year my father went from working to taking an extended leave, to having to retire for his disability.

Now even though he had to retire for being disabled he can't get any help. We have tried to get him verified as disabled so might be able to get some assistance.

I work full time, my mother works full time taking care of my dad who has now lost his ability to walk, controls his bladder or care for himself, After three years.

Because of hardships my mother and father had to file for bankrutpsy. Its getting worse fast. Now they might lose the house.

Myself and my girlfriend live with my parents. We both have jobs and pay rent there and buy food. I have no life really outside work and home.

I can only imagine what my father is going thru. In just three years he has lost almost everything. Job, ability to walk.he's depesed all the time. My mother is depressed all the time.

I do everything I can to help and things just get worse.

Where can I get my father some help?

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How I recovered
by: Anonymous

Dear, I lost power to walk one day when I wake up, My friends and Doctor suggested to take an Aurvedic medicine known as Ashvagandha available in capsule and in form of powder. It took 2 months but now I can walk and do my work.

You may consult any Aurvedic medicine man. OPJoshi

There are people out there that can help
by: Your Name/Location

Anthony: I don't know where you live but even if you have never set foot in a church in your life, you can ask for help from a pastor in any church who might put you in touch with people who might volunteer to give you daily help, in ways that would be of the most you.

Certainly , as was suggested, a lawyer also might know of people who have knowledge that could really help--in ways that may never have crossed your mind.

Asking for help is the best way to get answers. Stay in touch and keep us informed. Love and many blessings to you and your wife and parents.

Disability Insurance
by: Joe W.

I'm very surprised that severe MS is not classified as a real disability where you live. I would re-apply because there are changes that happen over time. Find out the specific reasons why the application for disability insurance income was dis-allowed the first time then go from there.

Joe W.

by: Wendy

You need an attorney... many will take on his case, with no fee due until he collects. He will get retroactive money due him, and their fee simply comes from that...

Go to this site, and pick any of attorneys... all local for you, all specialize in Disability cases. DO THIS SOON.
Seriously should have seen an attorney years ago...

Hope this helps. Call for the Free Consultation... explain and see if they will take you on with no fee until the case is settled.

Best Wishes! Wendy

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