For Those Who Are 60 yrs OLD and Above, Please Read This.


I saw this on Facebook and it's a lot of reading, but it's also a lot of good advice...

John M. Russ
July 12 at 6:04 PM ·


This is for you. I really like what is said here and am going to try my best to follow it. Thank you to the person who wrote this. May God bless us all as we strive to be a blessing to others at this age, especially to our children.

🚩Between 60 and death. It's time to use the money you saved up. Use it and enjoy it. Don't just keep it for those who may have no notion of the sacrifices you made to get it. Remember there is nothing more dangerous than a son or daughter-in-law with big ideas for your hard-earned capital.

🚩Warning: This is also a bad time for investments, even if it seems wonderful or fool-proof. They only bring problems and worries. This is a time for you to enjoy some peace and quiet.

🚩Stop worrying about the financial situation of your children and grandchildren, and don't feel bad spending your money on yourself. You've taken care of them for many years, and you've taught them what you could. You gave them an education, food, shelter, and support. The responsibility is now theirs to earn their own money.

🚩Keep a healthy life, without great physical effort. Do moderate exercise (like walking every day), eat well, and get your sleep. It's easy to become sick, and it gets harder to remain healthy. That is why you need to keep yourself in good shape and be aware of your medical and physical needs. Keep in touch with your doctor, do tests even when you're feeling well. Stay informed.

🚩Always buy the best, most beautiful items for your significant other. The key goal is to enjoy your money with your partner. One day one of you will miss the other, and the money will not provide any comfort then, enjoy it together.

🚩Don't stress over the little things. You've already overcome so much in your life. You have good memories and bad ones, but the important thing is the present. Don't let the past drag you down and don't let the future frighten you. Feel good in the now. Small issues will soon be forgotten.

🚩Regardless of age, always keep love alive. Love your partner, love life, love your family, love your neighbor and remember: "A man is not old as long as he has intelligence and affection."

🚩Be proud, both inside and out. Don't stop going to your hair salon or barber, do your nails, go to the dermatologist and the dentist, keep your perfumes and creams well stocked. When you are well-maintained on the outside, it seeps in, making you feel proud and strong.

🚩Don’t lose sight of fashion trends for your age, but keep your own sense of style. You’ve developed your own sense of what looks good on you – keep it and be proud of it. It’s part of who you are.

🚩ALWAYS stay up-to-date. Read newspapers, watch the news. Go online and read what people are saying. Make sure you have an active email account and try to use some of those social networks. You'll be surprised at what old friends you'll meet.

🚩Respect the younger generation and their opinions. They may not have the same ideas as you, but they are the future and will take the world in their direction. Give advice, not criticism, and try to remind them that yesterday's wisdom still applies today.
Never use the phrase: “In my time.” Your time is now. As long as you’re alive, you are part of this time.

🚩Some people embrace their golden years, while others become bitter and surly. Life is too short to waste your days on the latter. Spend your time with positive, cheerful people, it'll rub off on you and your days will seem that much better. Spending your time with bitter people will make you feel older and harder to be around.

🚩Do not surrender to the temptation of living with your children or grandchildren (if you have a financial choice, that is). Sure, being surrounded by family sounds great, but we all need our privacy. They need theirs and you need yours. Even then, do so only if you feel you really need the help or do not want to live by yourself

🚩Don't abandon your hobbies. If you don't have any, make new ones. You can travel, hike, cook, read, dance. You can adopt a cat or a dog, grow a kitchen garden, play cards, checkers, chess, dominoes, golf.

🚩Try to go. Get out of the house, meet people you haven't seen in a while, experience something new (or something old). The important thing is to leave the house from time to time. Go to museums, go walk through a park. Get out there.

🚩Speak in courteous tones and try not to complain or criticize too much unless you really need to. Try to accept situations as they are.

🚩Pains and discomfort go hand in hand with getting older. Try not to dwell on them but accept them as a part of life.

🚩If you've been offended by someone – forgive them. If you've offended someone-apologize. Don't drag around resentment with you. It only serves to make you sad and bitter. It doesn't matter who was right. Someone once said: "Holding a grudge is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die." Don't take that poison. Forgive, forget, and move on with your life.

🚩Laugh. Laugh away your worries Remember, you are one of the lucky ones. You managed to have a life, a long one. Many never get to this age, never get to experience a full life.

My valued friends, enjoy peaceful life at this point in your life ...
Don't worry... be happy. 🥰

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Blown Away!
by: Mark/Maryland

Winifred, you have passed along an amazing gift to us all. I am so blown away by one of the thoughts that I will repeat it here.

"Regardless of age, always keep love alive. Love you partner, love life, love your family, love your neighbor and remember, a man is not old as long as he has intelligence and affection."


My wife and I have been together for 50 years and married for 47. If by this time you don't genuinely love life, do yourself a big favor and get started today.

They say you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. All the more reason to spend whatever time it takes to know each member of your family as you would know yourself, before you no longer have that opportunity. I'll come back to that one.

And as for loving your neighbor, I admit I haven't done a very good job of that for the last 68 years, and it is one of my biggest regrets. I don't intend to die with that regret, so I plan to walk around the six-foot fence that separates our properties, introduce myself and go from there. After all, a friend is just a stranger you haven't met yet.

Now back to family. My only sister and I know almost nothing about our paternal grandfather's life as a child and young man. He grew up on a farm not far from Philadelphia.

In about two weeks we will have the incredible good fortune to travel to Harleysville PA to attend the annual folk festival known as Hecklerfest, which is actually held on the historically-preserved portion of our ancestors' 18th century farm-stead.

There, I will meet for the first time a man whom I have found out is related to me, and he has volunteered to take us to visit the very farm where my grandfather and his grandmother grew up.

I am excited beyond words and cannot wait to walk in the fields where my Pop-Pop played as a boy. I don't think it can get much better than that!

Wendy: Mark -- how wonderful! I do lots on ancestry and have many DNA connections that I haven't yet quite figured out! LOVE that you get to meet new family -- and HECKLERFEST too! Wishing you both the best trip and memories galore!

Appreciation note
by: Ruth /Uganda

Thanks for the search and for sharing this important information With us.

In fact I'm going to start practicing some of these things. I'm the person who get stressed here and there at times.

Thank you for sending us this important information and I thank Wendy too far bringing us together.

by: Cindi H

You're right. Excellent advice in that article!

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